Curbside Appeal Tips: No Matter What Season You Sell In


When looking to sell, you naturally look to showcasing your home in the best light possible. Sometimes this means rearranging furniture or changing your decor to better highlight the space offered. Time and money are often spent on both what the inside, and outside of the home looks like in preparation of a sale. But what you also need to consider is how your landscape looks in reference to the home.

Most people provide general maintenance to their yard through the year, but each season presents its own set of challenges to provide a clean looking, curbside appeal to potential buyers. Take a look at what tools are a must-have for each season to get your home sold in record time.


Winter can be both a curse and a blessing. If you live where you have any amount of snowfall it can easily cover any landscape blemishes that may exist, but the flip side of that coin is potential buyers may REALLY want to know what is under all that snow. Having photographs handy is a plus, but defining your property, parking areas, and entertaining areas you have is going to help buyers picture what potential is under all that snow.

Keep your walkways, driveways, decks, porches, and patios clean is a must to showcase what sort of outdoor features you have. It also helps define your property size. A good snow shovel for shovelling the driveway and everything else is a must- so you can grab it quickly when a snowfall catches you unawares!


Spring is generally pretty wet and sparse looking, and often melting snow or rain makes a mess of your yard and gardens. You want buyers to notice early-blooming vegetation, not the leftover dirt and leaves from last fall. A good industrial broom can be very helpful to both keep your walkways, driveways, and sitting areas clean of the debris running water can leave behind.

A good yard rake is also an intelligent investment to help get up the dead grass and left behind leaves to allow your lawn to breathe and help new shoots of grass burst forth more quickly! A good fertilizer spreader can also be helpful to get your lawn the nutrients it needs in an efficient manner.


Summer is marked by your gardens growing to maturity and regular maintenance of your vegetative landscape. Regular care of your lawn is a must to keep it looking green and lush. Be sure to continue on a fertilization schedule, and to cut back approximately ⅓ its height once a week with a good lawn mower to ensure vigorous growth and an even surface. A string trimmer can also be helpful to get into those hard to reach places and provide a clean, crisp look to your property.

Regular watering is also needed, especially in dry climates. Look for large coverage sprinklers and durable hoses to get good, even coverage of water. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, be sure to use it regularly- and also keep it well maintained through the season to assure potential buyers of how well it works (this includes blowing it out each autumn to keep it freezing in the winter).  Also, water in the late evening and early morning to avoid evaporation and to ensure water gets deep to the roots.


Autumn blows in with cooler weather, and as your trees and plants begin to go dormant you’ll need to start cleaning up the leaves that scatter throughout the landscape. A good rake is always helpful, but a leaf blower can get the job done in no time. Look for easy to carry, cordless versions so you can quickly grab and go when a house showing is imminent.

A good set of hand pruners and loppers are also worth investing in. Once your woody plants go dormant, you can clean up the tree branches, suckers, and other growth that is unsightly. Always take care to cut out what you don’t want, and save major pruning and shaping for growth and production until late winter to keep from cutting back branches that may suffer winter freeze damage.


The curbside appeal of a property allows potential buyers to have an idea of how the rest of the home is taken care of. Your efforts with the outdoors will reflect on what is inside and peak a buyers interest. Some simple tools are all you need to take care of the most pressing of what each season will bring to your doorstep. These tools are all easy to come by, and allow you to take care of simple maintenance without a lot of time and effort. They also will serve to be super useful in future landscape care.

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