August 2016


How to Prepare Your House to Sell

An important part of preparing your house to sell is staging the house. This will help you achieve the goal of selling fast and for top dollar. The fact is that it is important to make your home appealing to potential buyers by wiping away all signs that a family actually lives there. Why? If they can picture themselves there, chances are your home will sell faster. Choosing professionals who deal in the...


A Guide To Becoming A Landlord

For many, the thought of becoming a landlord is incredibly appealing. There is the potential to make ongoing rental income from a major asset that, in itself, has the potential to grow financially. However, entering into property investment without first researching your legal and other requirements. While it is a legal requirement that you have regular safety checks on electrical and gas appliances, there...


Top Tips for Relocating the Family Business

After many years of operating a family business it’s time to move on. It’s not that the clientele are dwindling away but rather the fact that the area has lost its attraction for one reason or another. Sometimes the family business has been passed down from generation to generation and in your younger years you had always aspired to live by the ocean or to go somewhere where the winters are...


The Trend Toward Micro Condominiums  

A few years ago, the idea of tiny living took the world by storm. People from all over the U.S. became almost obsessed with the idea of living in a tiny home on a temporary or permanent foundation. This movement was fueled by the already popular idea of minimalism and, all at once, several TV shows on channels like TLC began airing stories of people who were in search of tiny homes. But, now, a new tiny...


Alternatives to London

The average selling price of a house in London is around £550,000. Fair enough? That’s the price you pay for living in the country’s capital, being near major businesses, schools, malls and great sights. That’s about double the average price of houses from the rest of England and Wales which are around £270,000. You can bag a place in London if you have £600,000 in the...


Top tips for buying an apartment complex

Buying an apartment complex can be a fantastic way to earn some investment income. Multi-family properties are a great source of cash flow, as you can earn monthly rental income as well as potentially qualifying for some incentives when it comes time to file your taxes. However, if you opt to buy an apartment complex it’s imperative that you understand that there are some special considerations...


6 Things You MUST Do When Relocating Abroad

So, you're relocating abroad – lucky you! But with moving house rated as the most stressful things you can do, you can only imagine the stress that could come with moving to a new country. You may be waving goodbye to rainy England and saying hello to a sunny new adventure in another country, but at the same time you need to transport your life across seas, not just postcodes.   While...


10 things students want from their accommodation

Students are known for being good tenants – they’re likely to pay their rent on time, as they often have a guarantor, and your property will almost always be in high demand, if you buy in the right location. Whether you own a portfolio of student properties, or you’re entering the sector for the first time, it is important to know how to target this type of tenant and offer...


How to Choose a Great Commercial Property

It’s the stuff of many a dream- setting up your own independent shop or café, filled with brightly coloured accessories and brimming with customers. But sadly, for many it’s a dream that’s short lived and can take years to recover from- we’ve all heard the stories of quaint coffee shops that close down within a year, regardless of how great their brew and pastries. Often...

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