September 2016


Top tips for adding value to your home

If you’re thinking about selling your home within the next year or so, there are a few home improvements you can make which will really help add value to your property. From major structural changes to simple design techniques, here are some top tips for all budgets. Build an extension As Bow estate agent Peach Properties points out, “It’s a well- known fact than house hunters list...


Preparing Your Home For Selling

When you want to sell the home and you want to obtain as much money as possible, preparing the property is something that becomes necessary. It is not that easy to sell a home at maximum price. Some will tell you that this is basically something that revolves around luck but that is not actually the case. According to Ready Steady Sell, house staging is what makes the property much more appealing for the...


Why Attempting Your Own HVAC Repairs is Unwise

As the summer heat starts to move in, most homeowners are starting to adjust the dial on their thermostat to get their home cooler. There are a number of different repairs that can arise from running your unit more and more. When you start to notice you are having repair issues, you will need to hire a professional to handle them for you. Some homeowners foolishly think that they can do their own repairs...


The Benefits of Buying a Mobile Home

One of the biggest decisions a person will have to make in their lifetime is in regards to where they will live. Without a good bit of research, you will find it very difficult to choose the right home. When it comes to getting a home in a hurry, one of the best options is a mobile home. Once you have chosen a mobile home, you will have to Click for more moving solutions. Here are some of the benefits...


Main Advantages Of Hiring Buyers Agents

Most people want to avoid the services offered by real estate agents. There is this belief that the agents are going to only want a commission so they will go for the highest possible price tag all the time. This is not actually the case. In reality, we are faced with a real estate professional that can help you out a lot. In fact, there are basically dozens of advantages associated with hiring the...


The DIY approach to home dressing: top 3 tips

The UK housing market has finally received some cheering news. Even with Brexit fears and scaremongering headlines of recent months, we’re selling our houses quicker than ever – the average time on-market is now 57 days. But before you put your feet up and wait for your house to sell itself, there’s a sticking point you need to consider. Recent signs might be positive but we still...


The Best Heating Solutions for Rental Properties

If you are moving into, or own, a rented property you know that heating is a necessity. No matter how many jumpers you have on, with the colder seasons fast approaching the dropping temperatures usually mean higher energy bills. Whether you’re a renter or a landlord these energy-efficient fixes could save you a significant amount of money off your monthly heating bill. Draught Excluder Windows...


6 perfect presents for new home owners

Forget the new home signs and the doormats, it’s time to buy those new home owners gifts that they will come to cherish forever and add a little something extra to their new property. Here are the six perfect presents for new home owners… 1. Something personalised People instantly want to make their home their own, so why not pick them up a personalised gift to adorn their house with?...


12 things a landlord needs to do well

In order to be an effective landlord, there are a number of tasks that you need to take care. Here are 12 things a landlord needs to do well. Be aware of lettings legislation Many new landlords are not aware or are surprised by the amount of legislation and legal requirements associated with being a landlord. There is a need to ensure that the property is safe and this requires safety certificates to...

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