October 2013


Strange Yet Functional Home Designs

There is no dearth of weird home designs in the world. Here is a look at five strange homes that have surprisingly noteworthy functional benefits. Brazil's Angra dos Reis Home If you were to fly over Angra dos Reis on a helicopter, you would see a unique roof system comprising a huge flower with six petals. The interior design is also unconventional to say the least. It is bereft of hallways, to...


5 Worst Cities To Live In

You may know of the five best places to live in the world. And now, it is time to know about the five of the worst places, cities that are deemed "unfit" for healthy and happy living. Moresby, Papua New Guinea   Port Moresby is the largest city and the capital of Papua New Guinea. Situated on the southern coast of the peninsula, Moresby scores a meager 38.9 out of 100, and is the second worst...


Weirdly Modest Celebrity Homes

Celebrities are known for their lavish cars, expensive taste, and ostentatious homes. Some, more than others. But one trend that no one could have predicted is the "low key" celebrity home. Quite a few multimillionaire celebs are downsizing to much more modest digs. Which modesty purchase outshines the rest? Lea Michelle Lea Michelle shot to fame playing Glee's Rachel Berry. Considering the wealth...


The 4 Weirdest Houses in the World

   Everyone would like a unique looking home that impresses people when they walk by, but alas, most homes nowadays are pretty much replicas of one another, with nothing that astounding about the exterior at all. However, there are some houses in the world (4 to be precise), that will amaze you with the way they look and work! We’re not joking either - people actually live here! Read on to...


What is the Impact of the Help to Buy Scheme in the UK

Up until very recently, first time buyers in the UK were experiencing extreme difficulties when trying to gain access to the property ladder. Without huge deposits and the will to spend their entire wages on a mortgage they probably couldn’t really afford, many thousands of individuals and couples thought they’d never manage to own a home outright. Over the last few months, the British...


The Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

With celebrities being amongst the top earners in the world, it’s no surprise that they tend to drop extraordinary amounts of money on their homes every year. If you’d love a peek into the lives of the rich and famous (or their homes anyway!) here’s a peek into what these celebs own, and what these houses would cost you! Celebrity Homes The Spelling mansion is in Holmby Hills,...


The Worlds 5 Best Places To Live

Bern, Switzerland As Switzerland’s capital city, Bern is located in the Swiss Plateau which became a UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1983 for its medieval look and feel. Surrounded by pristine waters, it was also ranked as the second safest city in the world in 2011, making it an excellent choice for families. Although the politics are quickly becoming complicated with more and more immigration laws...

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