Tips for Buying and Selling Property in Melbourne, Australia


When one thinks of Australian cities, the capital city of Sydney is usually the first location that comes to mind.  But the second largest city in Australia, the seaside metropolis of Melbourne, is certainly a vital link to the country’s culture and a key component of its economic growth.

Many of Melbourne’s splendid locations are familiar to both domestic and international audiences because it is home to Australia’s film and television industry.  Australian football rules were invented there, and it is the home of Australian Open tournament that annually inaugurates each new year’s major tennis championship season.

Many smaller suburbs within Melbourne are thriving, too, each with their own culture and community. One of the more popular suburbs of late in Melbourne’s southeast district for new real estate development is Dandenong, home to the Dandenong Plaza mall, a major regional shopping center.  This suburb is centrally located for transportation infrastructure and has excellent potential as a transport hub for Melbourne’s southeast district due to its inclusion in the Melbourne 2030 metropolitan strategy plan.

So if you’re thinking about getting in on the real property benefits from Melbourne’s urban renewal upsurge, here are some tips for either getting your property ready to sell, or for efficiently improving a property once you’ve purchased it.  Either way, there are profits in the picture for Melbourne in the near future.

Find the Right Plumbing Resource

Since much of the major development in Melbourne happened after World War II, when European immigrants, escaping that war’s devastation, resettled there, the majority of expansion occurred between 1950 and 1975.  So many of its buildings and homes have pipes and drains approaching 60-70 years in age.

Consequently, plumbing emergencies are not uncommon in the area, especially due to the recent growth and the resulting strain on a water system that were designed and planned long ago for a much smaller population.

It’s important to have reliable plumbing resources that are familiar with circumstances unique to Melbourne’s water districts, whether you’re interested in the Dandenong area or the Docklands (a newer suburb that’s recently started to attract an influx of young professionals). In any of these districts, it helps if those plumbing repair resources are close by, so the response to water or sewer emergencies is fast and efficient.

Richard Foster, an operations manager for an organization of expert plumbers in Dandenong explains why experience and proximity are so important. “Because we are located in Carrum Downs and have serviced the Dandenong area for well over 10 years, we have built a solid reputation for reliability and fast service with our ongoing customers … Plumbing emergencies in business can not only mean an inconvenience but can also create down time for businesses and create an occupation health and safety issue.”

Water uncontrolled can do tremendous damage to a property very quickly, lowering the prospects for selling that property, or prohibiting remodeling efforts on a building recently purchased.  Make sure you have quick access to a reliable plumbing resource whenever you’re participating in any real estate market.

Track Down the Best Contractors

The smaller suburbs in Melbourne may not have many locally sourced contractors, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding a quick, reliable source for building repair and remodeling, so you can get your property ready to sell or improve that property you’ve recently bought.

One way to find local contractors is to search the Internet for local crowd-sourced review websites and read through the reviews there to evaluate local contractors.  Of course, you need to be careful of some of these reviewers because they may have a personal, or professional, relationship with the contractors they are reviewing.

It’s a good idea to actually research the reviewer before using their critique to evaluate the contractor.  Check out the reviewer’s appraisal history and read some their assessments of other professionals. If there are not a lot of them, you may have someone promoting a family member, not writing an honest, unbiased review.

Also, it will be a plus if the reviewer is actually someone from the Melbourne neighborhood you’re buying, selling, or investing in.

Another way to track down a good local contractor is to actually scout around town and look for any building projects that may be in progress.  Once you find a construction site, make up one-page flyer, explaining that you are looking for contractors to work on a remodeling project in Melbourne, and place this flyer under a windshield wiper on the cars parked nearby.

Identify Local Educational Resources

If you are listing your property in a small suburb like Dandenong, make sure you are familiar with all local schools and any other types of educational organizations available in the area.  One of the top requests from most buyers is local school information.

If you’re buying in Dandenong you’ll need to know what schools are potentially available for your children and if there are adult education classes as well.

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