January 2014


Where to Buy Property In Turkey

Promising a low cost of living, as well as cheap property with good growth potential, Turkey could become a key market for retirees. Despite some recent political troubles currency fluctuations has made Turkey even more attractive. “Much of Turkey’s economic growth is based on its geographical position, bridging East and West, and the access it has to Western European markets,” said...


The eXpat Files: Theres more to Italy than Naples and Venice

11 years ago, Robin Watson and his family moved from the UK to a small town in the Veneto region of Italy. Their four bed home sits at the top of a cul-de-sac, with a beautiful view of the Euganean Hills. Only an hour from the sea (or – if you prefer - the mountains) and just over 45 minutes from Venice, it’s a great base from which to explore the country’s finer things. With great...


Best European cities for young hip urbanites

Big cities like London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo may seem attractive. Flashing lights, big attractions, and good looking singletons are all major pulls to big city life, but the obvious choices may not be the best. Huge expenses, small living spaces, and flawed transportation systems plague most major cities. Here are the top European cities for hip young urbanites. Stockholm, Sweden   The...

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