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Everything You Should Know About Asbestos in Homes

  Do-It-Yourself home renovation is possibly the biggest trend among homeowners today. While there certainly is something romantically appealing about being responsible for your home’s beautification, some people might unknowingly be putting themselves and their family members at risk.  Toxic materials and chemicals are present in every household. Thus, it’s important for anyone...

Debunking TheMyths Of Natural Sleep Aids

Debunking TheMyths Of Natural Sleep Aids If you cannot sleep at night you will not only be restless but it will also affect your productivity the next day. You will feel dizzy and lethargic telling on your performance and it may even affect your metabolism, mood and immune systems as well in the long run. Most people who suffer from sleepless nights you may tend to take different pills for it just like...


Is the UK facing a housing crisis for the elderly?

Of all the different sectors of the property market in the UK, the older demographic is the one perhaps facing the most challenges at the present time. Although the difficulties of the young and first-time buyers attempting to get on the housing ladder are never far from the headlines, housing issues concerning the elderly deserve equal consideration and discussion. With the property market currently...


What is Health Care Property Consultancy?

Health care property consultancy involves offering both transactional and valuation services to anyone looking to enter into the healthcare sector.  The major patrons of the healthcare sector include private operators, groups, banks and private equity firms and not-for-profit organisations. The care sector is very much specialised and so a health care property company will ensure you get all the...

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