First impressions count: How to boost your home’s curb appeal



We are taught from a young age that first impressions are exceptionally important. In fact, some studies have suggested that if you don’t make a positive first impression within the first seven seconds, it’s very hard to turn the situation around.

As such, when it comes to selling your home, or even just attempt to wow people walking by, first impressions are pretty important. This is where curb appeal enters the picture; the philosophy involving the first impression by looking from the outside of your home.

Now that the definitions are out of the way, we will take a look at some of the best ways to improve these first impressions and ultimately boost your home’s curb appeal.

It starts with your garden

Hopefully, this first point won’t come as too much of a surprise. After all, the very first thing that most people see is your garden. It means that you have to make sure that this is in order as a matter of priority.

For some of you, you might try and make things as easy as possible and rely on some form of maintenance-free garden. For others, we really can’t emphasize the importance of lush grass. There’s nothing worse than seeing a barren piece of turf, with patches all over the place. Consider overseeding your lawn, to add that vibrant color back to the front of your home.

A lick of paint goes a long way

Another area where eyes quickly circle to is your front door. This is where you can really bring the wow-factor to your home and if you have the nerve, a vibrant door can go a long way in securing premium curb appeal.

Of course, bold and bright colors aren’t for everyone. If you are keen to stay safe, instead opt for black, which won’t show the dirt as much and still looks premium.

Make your home shine, come day or night

If the above subheading wasn’t clarifying things enough for you, we’re now going to talk about lighting. Sure, you don’t want to illuminate your home completely, but at least bring to life certain features with a few subtle lights.

The most common approach is to place them either side of the door, which also happens to tick the symmetrical box.

When it comes to garden lights, it’s here where you have to be even more discreet. Try not to make the lights a feature, and instead hide them in ornaments or greenery.

It can stretch to your interior

It would be fair to say that the majority of curb appeal is secured with external effects. However, you can also make a difference through your interior choices, such as your window treatments. Having striking window blinds, or shutters if your budget allows, can make a premium difference to the outside and really prompt the wow-factor for your curb appeal. On the subject of your windows, simply keeping them clean can also work a charm.

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