A Few Landscaping Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Property


There is possibly a plethora of ways in which you can increase the resale value of your home. Right from a tidy kitchen to a well-strategized landscape design – you can do so much with your home not only to increase its resale value but also to enhance your own living experience. Provided below are a few efficacious landscaping tips to increase the resale value of your home.

Why landscaping?

Ask the best of estate agents Surrey and they will tell you that landscaping remains a win-win proposition. Tidying your surrounding not only bolsters property value but is also great for your environment and (consequently) your health. Let us explore ways in which proper landscaping can increase the value of your property.

Landscaping Tips to shore up the resale value of your property

It is very important for the property owner to have a clear strategy in mind when he is about to work on his yard or garden. For instance, it’s a good idea to invest in a few high-maintenance plantations. However, you should never go overboard. You shouldn’t really end up cluttering your entire yard with these plantations. Similarly, you also shouldn’t have plain grass without landscaping. Instead, you should prudently opt for an ideal mix of foundation plants and well-designed plants. Virginia Tech Department of Horticulture conducted a study in which it was revealed that a prudent mix of foundation planting and high-maintenance points of interest can shore up your home’s value by 42%.

Make sure you have well-defined lawn edges

This remains a basic maintenance tip. Mow and edge your lawn on a regular basis. There are definite merits of taking these steps when it comes to maintaining your yard. Edging it on a regular basis makes it look restrained and renders it a low-maintenance appearance (an infallible selling point!). It doesn’t really take much to create an edge. You can use a sharp spade to create a well-defined point of separation between the lawn and garden bed, fence or path. The use of a physical barrier like a stone or timber will also do.

Are your home and garden designs coordinated?

One of the easiest ways to generate a great return on investment is to make sure that your landscape design matches your home design. For instance, if you have a contemporary or prairie-styled home, you definitely wouldn’t want to invest in a square, formal garden. Similarly, A Japanese garden will look totally out of place with a Victorian home.

Regular weeding and mulching helps


This is another way in which you can make your garden appear low-maintenance. Weed and mulch your plant beds on a regular basis. Choose utility mulch like forest fines or pine bark instead of sugarcane or Lucerne. Utility mulches are a smart choice because they look way neater than the typically “gardener-preferred” options (like sugarcane or Lucerne). Home buyers are generally not fond of Carroll warns and dyed woodchip as well.

Do consider limiting the number of plant species in your garden as well. It offers a tidier look to your garden.

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