Décor Tips for Selling Your Home


If you’re thinking of putting your house up for sale, you’re probably planning to redecorate in order to get it ready for viewings with any potential buyers. If it’s been a while since you last repainted or decorated in your home, changing the décor is probably going to be necessary when it comes to improving your chances of getting a good sale. When renovating and redecorating your home before you sell it, you have a great opportunity to improve its appeal and value. If you’re preparing your home for showing to potential buyers, don’t start redecorating until you’ve read these top tips.

Neutral Décor

Although you may have decorated your home in a variety of bright and bold colours during your time living there, selling your home usually calls for neutral and plain décor. Since everyone tends to have differing tastes when it comes to how they decorate and present their home, what works well for you might put some potential buyers off. So, sticking to plain and airy colours such as white and cream when decorating your rooms is essential as this makes it easier for viewers to imagine how they’d have it if they owned the property. Along with that, whites and creams can also make rooms look bigger, and are usually preferred if you are selling to a company such as PropertyCashBuyers.


Family photos and other personal items can definitely make your home more cosy and homely, but when buyers view your home, they’re not interested in looking at your family holiday photos or your collections of ornaments. Taking away anything personal to you from your home not only helps you to de-clutter and make rooms more airy and spacious, it also makes it easier for potential buyers to visualise themselves living there when they are viewing the property. Making your home as simple and clutter-free as possible is key to giving your viewers a ‘blank canvas’ to work with when it comes to visualising what they would keep, change or do away with if they were to purchase the property for their home.

Curb Appeal

Along with paying attention to and improving the inside of your property, the outside should also be attended to in order to ensure that your home makes a good first impression on any future potential buyers. Your home’s curb appeal, or how it looks to onlookers from the curb, can be more significant than you realise when it comes to attracting potential home buyers to your property. Taking some time to clean the front of your home, clean and repaint window frames and doors, maintain the garden, and even add a pop of colour with hanging baskets or flower beds can go a long way when it comes to the amount of offers you get for your home.

Selling a home is no easy task, and with many buyers looking for their perfect property, it’s important to make sure that yours doesn’t get overlooked. The way you decorate your property can have a huge effect on how quickly it sells and the price that you get.

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