Five Top Tips for a Quick House Sale


In today’s housing market, getting buyers interested in your home can be a mammoth task in and of itself, never mind getting a quick sale. But, sometimes a quick sale is necessary – perhaps you have already found your dream home that you need to sell your current one in order to buy, or maybe you’ve made plans to relocate to another country and have the dates all set. No matter what your reason for wanting to sell your property on as quickly as possible, following these top tips will put you in with a better chance of a swift transaction.

Up the Curb Appeal

If your home and garden is looking a bit shabby, this could well be the reason why it isn’t attracting much interest and is taking longer than you’d like to sell. Curb appeal is hugely important to prospective buyers, and the first impression that they get of a home when they pull up outside tends to stay with them throughout the whole viewing, no matter how great the house is inside. Of course in some cases, the interior qualities of a home will override the bad points on the outside – but are you willing to take this risk? Sprucing up your garden, giving the external walls of your home a clean and making sure that your windows and window panes are sparkling can go a long way. Adding a pop of color such as with hanging baskets or flowerbeds in the garden is also a sure fire way to make sure that your property stands out in the best possible way.

Go Neutral


A common mistake that many homeowners make when trying to sell their home quickly is to leave the interior décor exactly how it is. Often, homeowners will leave their personal items such as photographs or ornaments on show during a viewing. However, prospective buyers aren’t interested in seeing how you live – they want to be able to imagine themselves and their own family living in your property. By cleaning out all of your clutter, removing personal items and changing the interior décor to neutral shades, you give any interested viewers a blank canvas to work with which will make it easier for them to visualize what they’d do with the property if they were to buy it.

Make Smart Additions


Savvy home buyers these days are always looking for new ways to save money. And, if you have been saving up for months or even years for a deposit to buy a house, one of the best things that you can hear is that the home’s features are going to save you money in the future. Think about having features such as energy-efficient windows, programmable thermostats and other smart technology installed in your home to make it a more attractive prospect to home-hunters. Often, investing in features that can save money on the utility bills in a home can be much more effective than adding a conservatory or having a new kitchen installed.

Make Minor Repairs


Holes in walls, broken door handles, threadbare carpets, cracked tiles and other minor repair jobs should all be done before you even start to think about allowing viewers in to look around your home. Many prospective buyers won’t be put off by a bit of wear and tear as they’ll be refurbishing the house to meet their needs anyway, but don’t take this for granted! Making sure that any minor repairs are done before you let any prospective buyers view your home will ensure that the property is looking its best for the occasion. Don’t forget that some buyers will want to move in without the need to make any changes, which is where the importance of minor repairs comes in. Whilst carrying out repairs, take the opportunity to give the whole house a thorough spring cleaning!

House-Buying Companies

If you have tried all of the above to no avail, you may well be an unlucky victim of the economy in the housing market today. But, there’s a great alternative in the form of companies who buy houses quickly and with as little hassle as possible, such as HighestCashOffer. Companies such as these buy homes for many different purposes including renovation, letting or use as a short-term rental property depending on the area. If you are desperate for a quick sale in order to ensure that your plans don’t fall through, companies such as these could be the lifeline that you need. Many will also offer cash payments for your home, bypassing lengthy bank appointments and negotiations. Simply get in touch to discover how much you could get for your home, and have it sold within a matter of weeks or even days!

We’d love to hear all about how you’re getting on with your endeavors to sell your home – leave your story in the comments!

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