How to Find Qualified Movers?


Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Whether you are moving down the street or across the county, it still is a lot of work to pack up your entire home and unpack it in a new place. There is the added stresses if you are closing on your home and purchasing a new home too.

One of the stresses can be getting everything out of your home. Some items are too heavy for you to carry. Sometimes you just don’t have time to bring it all out. There are other times when you want to go out for a couple hours and come back and it has been taken care of for you. No matter what you are looking for, movers can assist you with making the moving process a little easier.

If you have a friend that has moved, they may have had a great experience moving with a specific company and you are interested in using one. You also may have talked with a friend and they had a terrible experience with a company. Although this can happen, if you take the time and do your research you can prevent a lot of time and money wasted. Keep reading to learn exactly how to find qualified movers.

Ask a friend

If you have had a friend or family member that has moved in your area, ask them which moving company they used. Ask them follow up questions like if they thought they charged fair, if you would hire them again, and what their overall experience has been. If none of your friends or family have moved, it’s still worth asking them because they may have a friend that just moved and you can ask them.

We would not recommend choosing a business just because your friend had a good experience with a company. Even if they did, they can go to the front of your list. They’re move may have been completely different than yours and that could be what the company specializes in. For example, if you are moving across the country but your friend simply used them for a business office move, these are very different. Although asking a friend and getting their input is important, don’t have it be the only reason you choose a specific company.

Look online at reviews

Going online and looking at reviews is a great place to find feedback. Most people will review a place if they have had a wonderful or a terrible experience. Although it’s okay if the business has a couple negative reviews, you don’t want them to have a lot of bad ones.

Take the time to find out why someone liked working with them. This will give you a lot of insight on the types of moves they normally do. With that said, also read the negative reviews and find out what went wrong. If there is a trend among the bad reviews, that really maybe something the business is not doing correctly. Take an hour out of your day and head online and read reviews about different businesses.

Make sure you write down which companies had great reviews and what you liked about what you read. This will make your final choice easier to choose from. If you see a review you don’t like and you never want to use that company, use your list to quickly put an ex through that companies name.

Call them

Once you have a couple options narrowed down, it’s time to give them a call. This will allow you to ask them follow up questions and learn about their price. Although price is an important part, never choose a company simply based off this. The company may quote you a low hourly rate but have hidden fees. They also may quote you low just to have you work with them but know it will actually take much longer.

This is another reason to speak with them on the phone. You can tell a lot about a company from simply talking to them on the phone. Make sure they are not using a pressure tactic and you end up booking with them. This is the last company you want to choose. Pick a company that answers your questions and is not rushing you off the phone.

Ensure they have insurance

It’s so important that a moving company has insurance before they start working with you. If they do not have insurance and one of their workers gets injured in your home, you can end up being the one responsible. Since it’s so important, make sure they prove to you they have insurance and are a legal business. This can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Ask them questions

When you are on the phone the first time and when you go to book, don’t be afraid to ask them questions. You don’t want to feel confused before you start. No question is a stupid question. Ask them anything to ensure there is no confusion and you won’t be surprised when you get the final bill.

As you can see, it’s important to do your homework before hiring a moving company. There are many companies out there and not all have your best intentions. A qualified and honest moving company will want to assist you as best they can and be careful with your items. Their goal should be to help you accomplish your goal of moving.

Experts at Three Movers state: “It’s important that you compare rates as well to ensure that you’re getting the best deal around. Movers are going to be competitive when onboarding clients so don’t be afraid to negotiate the rate if you feel they may be too high.

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