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If you are planning on moving to North Carolina then you need to prepare for amazing mountain views, breathtaking coastlines, magnificent culture, fascinating history, and the opportunity to forge your career. There are lots of people making the move to North Carolina for just those reasons right now. It has become one of the best destinations for young professionals and growing families. There are mild winters, diverse people, and varied geography to keep you interested and make your life more exciting. Before you contact your local Bellhop movers, here is everything you need to know about North Carolina. 

Is it a nice place to live

North Carolina has been described as living in a dream. It has a building business climate and a reasonable cost of living whilst being partnered with some of the most magnificent landscapes found in the country. It has a population of around 10 million people and is the ninth largest in the US. This has not stopped, and it has continued to grow. Because of this, it appeals to so many different people from students to young families and to those looking to retire. 

Categorically, North Carolina is often split into three geographic regions. Nearly half of the state is made up of the eastern coastal plains. Along these coastal plains, you will be able to access the Outer Banks which are a string of barrier islands, a popular tourist resort for both domestic and international visitors. Next is the Piedmont region which has five of the largest cities in the state but also has more historic, rustic, and traditional towns like Hillsborough and Pinehurst. Finally in the West, you will find the Appalachian Mountains where you can see the highest peak of the Rockies, Mount Mitchell. 

Before you get past all of this, North Carolina also has 41 state parks, 10 national parks, one of which is the most visited in the nation (The Great Smoky Mountains National Park), and 4 national forests. There are miles of hiking trails, lakes, streams, and whitewater rivers. There is such a plethora of outdoor activities that if you enjoy being in nature, you will never struggle for something to do in North Carolina.

Some disadvantages

Whenever you move to a new area, you want to believe in the best of it. Unfortunately, every area has both positives and negatives. For North Carolina, these include: 

Crime– A small handful of towns across North Carolina find themselves in the position of having high unemployment and low wages which drives up the crime rate. Whilst North Carolina does not rate the worst in the US at number 26 on the safety scale, it could be much better. Areas such as Whiteville, Gastonia, and Oxford all have higher crime rates but, on the flip side, these are exceptions to North Carolina’s other towns and cities. 

Seasons– Or lack thereof. North Carolina has really mild weather. This may be a selling point to you if you cannot deal with the extreme weather of other places in the US. However, this does mean that you will not be likely to have the white Christmas that you have seen in the movies. Outside of the mountains, North Carolina can be hot and humid, and snow is rare. You can face ice storms though. 

Hurricanes– Whilst the weather is mostly mild and enjoyable throughout the year, North Carolina is particularly susceptible to hurricanes. These are especially prevalent on the coast. Usually, hurricanes tend to strike between June and November. They are not always super dangerous, but you will need to get insurance in order to deal with any damages. 

The cost of living

The standard cost of living in North Carolina is near and sometimes lower than the national average for the US. This means you can expect middle-of-the-road prices for rent, taxes, and homes. If you are moving from a large metropolitan area, then you will likely notice that everything is a lot cheaper, and you will get more value for your money especially when it comes to buying a home. Charlotte in North Carolina is considered to be the best value for money when it is compared to other similar size metro areas. The median home price is sitting at $400,000. 

The cost of utilities in the area is 8% lower than the national average. This is a real boon for those looking to move out of a bigger city. This lower cost helps to make the cost of living much more reasonable and improve the quality of life for North Carolina’s residents. Experts predict that the future of real estate in North Carolina will remain bright. 

The job market

Across North Carolina, there are plenty of career opportunities. No matter what industry you are involved in there always seems to be an opportunity. If you are looking for technology or research jobs then the Triangle region of Durham, Raleigh, and Cary is the place to be. However, there is more in North Carolina than just that. In places such as Charlotte, Asheville, Greenville, and Wilmington there are plenty of locally grown entrepreneurial initiatives. Originally North Carolina relied on agriculture, textiles, and manufacturing, it has evolved into a technology-driven culture. Energy, information technology, and finance are making big strides in North Carolina and so it is a great place to move to just now. Some of the largest companies in the country are making their headquarters there. 

Moving to North Carolina

Unfortunately, no one can make the decision for you. You need to establish whether or not you want to move there. There are lots of reasons why you should. The scenery, the opportunities, the people but unless you feel like it is the right move, you will never be happy there. It may be worth spending a weekend down there just to experience it. You will have a gut feeling about whether you could live there or not. You need to trust that decision and not look back. 

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