6 Modern and Stylish Interior Design Trends for 2022




Among the interior design trends of 2022 are some fabulous Instagram-worthy looks that you’ll want to replicate in your own home. Design in 2022 will see some new trends that look likely to stick around for the next few years, alongside a few oldies making a come back and some timeless classics holding strong. With so many alternatives, there are plenty of ways to create a statement home that will start its life bang on trend and remain so for years to come. Read on to see our design experts’ curated picks for the top 2022 home decor and interior design trends that we’re sure you’ll love!


1. A Touch of Retro


Sometimes a dash of retro is more than enough to liven up a room. Interiors in 2022 will be enlivened by subtle suggestions of burnt orange, moss green, and other warm neutrals. Of course, loving the idea of retro interior design is one thing, but it can be challenging to find the perfect retro-looking pieces of furniture to achieve the vintage look you want. To find a hidden gem for your home, try paying regular visits to local antique stores, fairs, and markets. Persistence is key if you want to find the pieces you need at the best prices. To save money, investigate lesser-known makers – doing a bit of research in advance can help you find cheaper alternatives to the most popular names.


2. A Trend Inspired by Nature


Next year we’re going to be inspired more than ever by natural colors and textures. So why not bring some extra-authentic greenery into your home? Plants don’t just complement natural wood finishes and other warm tones, they help to purify the air too. Besides, seeing your blooms grow brings a deep sense of fulfillment that can do wonders for your well being in these uncertain times.


3. Futuristic Design – Aluminum Wall Art 



The trend for gallery-standard wall decor at affordable prices continues to dominate. In particular, metal prints look set to be a top choice for wall art in 2022,thanks to their elegant,contemporary design. These are custom prints – you can upload your own images to the provider’s website and design your wall art in just a few clicks. The aluminum panel is designed to complement the visual effect of your photo, resulting in a truly first-rate wall art feature. The aesthetic is further enhanced by a hidden hanging system that creates the illusion your photo metal print is floating against the wall.


Choosing personalized wall decor is a great way to showcase your creativity and also bring some of your unique personality to your home interior.But prices can vary widely, so if you want excellent quality at wallet-friendly prices we suggest turning to a reliable provider.CanvasDiscount.com are a respected name who offer the highest print quality for very reasonable prices. 


4. Multi-Purpose Spaces 


Single-purpose living spaces feel more and more like a thing of the past now that people are spending so much time at home. New builds are even being adapted to reflect this, and we anticipate that multifunctional rooms will be a strong design trend in 2022. Even the smallest rooms offer plenty of opportunities for multi-purpose use, but this has often been overlooked in the past as people have ignored the vertical space that a room provides. Shelves, ladders, and platforms can be used to add space to almost any room. So search online for creative space-saving tips that will release your room’s full potential.


5. Sustainability 


Sustainability and green design won’t be losing their urgent relevance any time soon. To make your home more environmentally friendly, choose an energy-efficient design scheme that minimizes the need for appliances, heating, and artificial light. Use eco-friendly materials that have been up cycled, recycled, or which come from certified sustainable sources. This is a broad category that includes reclaimed wood, bio-glass, recycled metal, and jute.


6. Velvet Furniture – the Comeback


Velvet is a plush material that can instantly transform a space by adding elegance and warmth. Using velvet for interior furnishings has been a strong trend over the past year, and we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in 2022 and beyond.With its rich but elegant finish, the material feels at home in a wide range of design scheme, and can add warmth to styles that might otherwise feel inert or unwelcoming.

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