4 Tips On Choosing A Perfect Bar Counter


With the explosion of the bubble tea and juice bar industry in recent years, now there are few wood-based bar tables, replaced by more convenient, more solid and more functional stainless steel bars. But I believe that many bubble tea shop entrepreneurs more or less may have such confusion . How to choose a suitable bar counter for their own stores in the high competition market? Follow this article, I will share four key points for your reference.

1. The choice of steel

How to choose a bar counter for your business? The first step is to understand the type of steel used in the bar, the corresponding properties of each type and the price.

The common steel models used in the bar are: #201, #202 and #304

Bar material Introduction:

 – 201: 201 type steel is easy to rust, at the same time because of high manganese content, many countries in Europe and the United States can not be used as food grade steel bars made of this kind of steel in delivery generally not film, touch with the hand will have a layer of oil feeling.

 – 202: Because 202 steel contains higher chromium, the corrosion resistance is significantly stronger than 201 and it is hard to see the difference with 304 steel with the naked eye, need to use professional technology to identify.

 – 304: 304 steel is an internationally recognized food grade steel. At a time when food issues are becoming more and more important, many chain brands have designated water bars made of this steel.

2. Bar counter design

The space of the bar determines whether the staff is crowded in the operation area, whether the storage of materials is convenient, and whether the position of utensils is reasonable. As the old says, one radish, one hole. It is very necessary to have a fixed storage location for each appliance, such as: fructose machine, smoothie machine, tea extractor, sealing machine, etc. Because reasonable placement of utensils will make employees produce muscle memory, long-term operation will make the store staff’s cooperation and tacit understanding become higher and higher, and greatly accelerate the efficiency of cup production.

So the space design of the bar is very important. When you choose and buy the bar, you must choose a bar suitable for your store space according to your own needs.

3. Multi-function bar

Multi-function bar has been welcomed by bubble tea shop owners since it came out, because this bar can realize a variety of functions, not only can save costs, but more importantly, the original narrow space of the bar has been used more effectively, and each function is relatively practical. For example: blue light refrigeration, operating table, ice machine, sink, cup washer, disc preservation function, etc.

The muti-function bar is the product to meet the rapid development of the milk tea industry. At present, many bubble tea shops have adopted this kind of multi-functional bar.

4. What need to pay attention


 – Whether the bar surface and edges are smooth, press the bar surface by hand, check whether the edges and corners of the bar are neat, smooth, without burrs and rusts.

 – Whether there are splicing and welding spots in the pool and other places, it is easy to cause leakage and late sanitary dirt difficult to clean up the problem if the splicing is too much or not tight splicing.

 – Check whether the ice tank insulation layer is made of regular foaming material instead of being made of inferior materials such as foam and sponge. And then check whether the base skeleton of the cabinet body is added and strong enough to avoid injury to the operator in use.

The choice of bar must be based on the actual situation, some of the functions do not be used as far as possible, which can save more space for the bar.

When consumers enter a bubble tea shop or walk toward a food kiosk in mall, the first thing they see is the bar. A clean and well-designed bar can leave a good impression on customers and make them enjoy themselves. Therefore, it’s very important to choose a right bar counter for your bubble tea store and coffee shop.

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