3 Tips for designing a games room in 2019


Just like any space in your home, designing a games room requires careful planning.

Thought and consideration needs to go into what to add to the room and how to utilize the space in an effective manner.

In comparison, designing a games room in the 1990’s was a pretty straightforward task, but thanks to technology the task is considerably more difficult in 2019.

However, before you get discouraged, here are three useful tips that will make life a lot easier for aspiring game room designers this year.

1. Use the space in an effective manner space

Urban living has increased over the last couple of decades and in recent years apartments and homes tend to get smaller and smaller on average. In order to get the most out of your games room it is important to use the space that you have to your disposal in an effective manner.

In order to use the space effectively it is important to choose the items that you add to your games room with care.

Dart boards are a great example of an item that offers hours of entertainment without taking up space. Pool tables, ping pong tables and football tables are bulky items that take up a lot of space, make sure you have a big enough games room before purchasing one of these items for your new games room.

2. Make sure to cater to both young and old

The composition of families differ, but most families and friend groups range between different age groups. When you design your new games room in 2019 it is important to keep all of your family members and friends in mind. Make sure to choose games that cater to a wide variety of age groups.

Furniture is also an important part of any games room, comfortable and ample seating is vital. Make sure to choose furniture items that cater to both old and young.

3. Choose the items in your games room carefully

Deciding what to put into your games room is without a doubt the hardest part of designing your games room.

The year is 2019 and the options are endless, one of the first must have items is an electronic dart board. These types of boards don’t take up a lot of space, come with preloaded games on them are fun to play and it is something that can be enjoyed by players of all ages, you can take a look at some of the best dart board reviews at The Bro Zone.

Games rooms can also double up as both cinemas and sports bars, a big television or screen with a projector along with a good sound system is a must have.

Comfortable seating is also hugely desirable, especially if you enjoy inviting friends over to come and watch sports etc. Reclining chairs and beanbags are both comfortable options, especially as bean bags are easy to move around.

If you really want to take your games room to the next level, then you might want to consider adding a golf simulator. A high roof is required for a golf simulator and they are pricey, but if you are a golf enthusiast then it will be worth the spend, that’s one way to really off your new games room.


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