Why NDG Is the Perfect Neighborhood for Young Families


Young families need to choose wisely when selecting real estate. It’s important to live somewhere that has the features and amenities that families need. That’s why so many young families select NDG real estate. NDG has some unique benefits that you can’t get elsewhere. 

The Schools

Young families love NDG because of the schools. You want your child to get a top-notch education, and that will happen when you live here. There are even special offerings for immigrants and refugees. In 2017, Quebec gave NDG $20 million to add classrooms for refugees and immigrants. These classrooms will help immigrants and refugees adapt to living in NDG. They will also get extra help learning the language as they make the transition. This reduces the stress that young families feel when moving to a new location. 

Cloth-Diaper Subsidy

Young families have a lot on their plates already. The idea of spending a huge amount of money on diapers is too much for some. That’s another reason to consider NDG real estate. The neighborhood is now offering a cloth-diaper subsidy for families. Families that use cloth diapers will receive a subsidy of up to $200 a year. 

Things to Do

Young families know the importance of keeping kids entertained. If your kids are bored, they will be sure to tell you about it. NDG is full of exciting things to do. Young families can spend lots of time in the area parks. The parks often host special events such as movie nights or Shakespeare in the Park. There are also sports facilities and hockey arenas. Plus, there are lots of shops for families to enjoy.

Pet Friendly

Lots of young families adopt pets. Little kids love dogs, and parents love watching the bond that grows between children and animals. NDG is extremely pet friendly. You can go to one of the nine dog parks when you live here. You will also have easy access to veterinarians and pet stores. 

The Food

As a parent, you are responsible for keeping your kids fed. There are two problems, though. One, your kids are picky eaters. That’s part of growing up. Two, you don’t have time to prepare meals every day of the week. When you live in NDG, you will have access to restaurants for all tastes. Whether you want something basic or you’re in the mood for an elegant meal, you can find it here. That will take some of the pressure off feeding the children. You can let the restaurant handle it for you. 

The Atmosphere

When you buy NDG real estate, you will enjoy another benefit, and it’s a big one. The neighborhood has a family-friendly atmosphere. You won’t have to worry about covering your kids’ eyes or ears when you stroll down the streets. Instead, you’ll be greeted by other young families.

Selecting NDG Real Estate

Young families love NDG real estate, and it’s going fast. When something hits the market, it tends to get snatched up quickly. Start your real estate search, and when you find something you like, make an offer. Then, you can enjoy all these benefits and more. 

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