Evaluating the Affordability of Building Vs Buying a Home in Australia


A new home project in Australia is seen as a major investment, and for it to be affordable, there is a need for planning and evaluation. Careful planning is crucial for some of the cost influencers that need to be accounted for. Property prices are soaring high in all of Australia’s capital cities, making getting an entry into the property market harder by the minute. We spoke with one such firm: Summit Homes, an award-winning home builder in Perth, Western Australia, to explore the same topic: building versus buying and what that means for housing.

Understand the Local Market Conditions

Get to know the real estate market before one embarks into building. Market conditions vary across regions in Australia. Research current land prices, building costs, and demand for housing in the desired area of choice. Usage of resources such as local real estate websites, government reports and market analysis tools are very important. This way, you have a better understanding of these variables and come up with decisions much more informed about where to build and how much budgetary allocation you should make.

On the other hand, buying a home will also consider market conditions such as the increase in cost based on increasing demand and low supply of ready-made homes. Therefore, building a home may be more affordable since you choose designs that fit within your budget. You also get to choose your desired neighborhood.

Evaluate Builder Quotes and Contracts

Obtain quotations from several different builders and review them carefully. Ensure quotes are detailed and complete up to all items of the construction from foundation to complete finishing which may also include landscaping costs. You should be very wary of very low quotations because those often exclude many important items in terms of services or materials, which more often than not translate into higher costs later.

Look through the terms of the contract so that you can know what is included, the schedule of payment, and what procedures are involved in case there are any changes or disputes. Before signing any contract, ensure you read through all the terms and conditions set forth.

Consider Financing Options

You only be in a position to tell the affordability of a home project if you understand how well you can finance it. Determine some of the loan products that different banks and other financial institutions offer their customers. For instance, home construction loans are tailor-made for building projects where money from the lenders is disbursed depending on the stage of the project.

Compare interest given by the various lenders, the terms and conditions, and land the best deal. Pre-approval is also what you can get on the loan, letting you know how much the bank will actually lend you and reassuring you of your ability to comfortably meet the repayment obligations. While both building and buying a house could have favorable financing options, buying it is the best that you understand the long-term implications of the loans given.

Factor in Long-Term Costs

While upfront construction costs are definitely a concern, one must also consider the long-term view. Energy efficiency, maintenance, and potential remodeling all will make a home more affordable in the long run. Sustainable materials used and the design of energy-saving systems will affect the cost of utilities over time. One must consider financing arrangements and the ability for continued maintenance.

You must also keep in mind how the design of the home could possibly be modified to fit future needs. For instance, it should be easy to add a porch if you need it in the future. Additionally, remember that only simple home remodeling projects can be done without obtaining permits. Investing in proper construction means you could save on costs and spare yourself from headaches in years to come. In comparison, buying a home could have long-term costs such as when you need to install some features or more energy-efficient systems into your home.


Owning a home is a priority for most of Australia’s residents. They are, therefore, faced with the dilemma of choosing between buying or building a house instead. Therefore, they need to have the above critical evaluations before they could finally decide which one works for them. Remember to always consult professional home builders as they can balance the short-term and long-term costs of building which may determine after all that building in Australia can be affordable.

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