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Buying a Home with Poor Credit

So, you made some dumb purchases in college. Or, maybe you had to live off your credit card to eat (and go to the bar) while you spent time at that institution of higher learning.  Or maybe you just made a bunch of foolish purchases. But now, your credit is shot.  You have a good job; yo

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Cheap Home Security Ideas

  As a father of four little children, I am inherently obsessed with their security and safety. When they were just tiny, the main focus was locking up chemicals, adding outlet covers throughout the house, and childproofing the sharp objects. However, as they get older and more mobile, I h

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4 Tips For Buying Your First Property

    So you’re thinking of buying your first property, perhaps to live in, or as an investment property. This is a huge step, and one which will likely put you on the road to long-term financial security. Buying into real estate is a great investment for your future. However, you

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Top 5 essential Baby's room items

Just like weddings, new moms are exited about having their baby that they start making plans even when the baby has many months to go. Women can be rational to budget when buying items for their baby. They actually want to have two or more items that the store thinks they should have at home when wa

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