Homesgofast Partner with Currencies Direct To Help Buyers with Brexit Fears


Buying international property has become more of a challenge with many buyers holding off transactions owing to Brexit according to overseas property platform A new partnership is aimed at helping overseas buyers understand the complexities while saving money of foreign currency transactions

Now one the most established international real estate website in the world, have taken an important step that could change the game for both buyers and sellers of international property. This move will help to increase confidence by having experts advice on hand and make more from every sale.


Currencies Direct is the other party in this new partnership. The company was one of the first to provide money transfer services in Europe, starting in the year 1996. Their far-reaching services include a mobile app, online service, phone service and a large retail presence, with over 20  across the world in China, the USA, Canada, London, India, South Africa, Portugal and Spain.

Usually, getting the best deal for transferring money overseas depends on three primary options – high street transfer firms like Western Union, foreign exchange (FX) brokers or a bank/building society.

For regular payments, banks tend to be the most convenient option, but money transfer firms are often more ideal when payments need to be made quickly. For larger one-time payments, which could be made for buying property, for instance, FX brokers are often the ideal option. The problem with these options, however, is how expensive they can be. It’s typically more expensive for people making smaller payments, but, even with large amounts, one could lose quite a bit of money.


With the new partnership between and Currencies Direct, both buyers and sellers can get a better deal. According to Nick Marr founder of and , “We don’t believe both parties of a transaction should leave currency transfers to chance. We also understand that Brexit has created an added complication for the already stressed overseas property buyer. .”

Senior Dealer at Currencies Direct, Reaz Rahman, says, “there’s strong reason to believe that GBP/USD and GBP/EUR are likely to fluctuate because people are concerned about Brexit.” He also mentioned rate hikes and a weak inflationary outlook in the Eurozone as reasons why there have been currency fluctuations and why they’re bound to continue. and Currencies Direct are intent on preventing buyers and sellers of international property from losing out due to fluctuating exchange rates.

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