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You may be wondering what else your home will need in order to provide you with much more comfort and convenience. It can be an extension of your garage or some improvements in your kitchen. However, adding a deck in your home is ideal, particularly if you have space outside.

The first question that may come to your mind is “Are there builders near me?” Surely, you can find a lot of builders in your area, but finding a quality builder is rare. What you need to know is the right concept to create the ideal deck for your home. If you have an existing deck, you should determine what can still be done to remodel as there are a variety of ideas to be applied.

To help you figure this out, here are six ways to remodel your deck: 

1. Stain the Wood or Add a Pattern

If your deck is completely made of wood, you can stain it and then repaint it if you choose. Wood paint could conceal any blemishes that may appear over time as the result of being exposed to heat and humidity.

Have you ever wondered if you could apply a pattern to your deck? Your deck may look better with the accent colors. Using a checkerboard pattern, you can feel a fun atmosphere while maintaining its simplicity.

2. Add a Pergola

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Pergola’s were traditionally used for climbing plants for both decoration and garden style plants. Today, you can add a pergola to provide your deck with a few shades that will reduce the effect of the heat of the sun while keeping the surrounding bright.

3. Put a Lattice or Green Privacy Wall

Just like the pergola, a privacy lattice may serve as added shades. However, its main purpose is to provide you with a little privacy, particularly if the deck is in front of your home or if wraps around it.

If the privacy lattice doesn’t suffice for your needs, you can build a green privacy wall. This is a wall on which different plants are attached. Make sure the wall is completely covered with plants to maximize the exposure they get from the sun while transforming your deck.

4. Install a Bench Border

Aside from the aesthetic benefit, a bench border offers more functionality as you can accommodate more visitors to sit on it at the same time. You can also use the bench as a place to put your garden plants. 

5. Construct Some Deck Planter Boxes

Your deck space may not be enough to surround it with plants, or it may not be appropriate to build a green privacy wall. You can still resort to alternative style, which is to construct some plant boxes around your deck to utilize the design and functionality.

6. Include an Outdoor Entertainment Area

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Your deck may have more space for outdoor entertainment purposes in which you could set up a grill, bar, a partially covered porch, LCD TV, and extra eating area. What’s better yet is when you are able to add options like fireplace and extra couches for when you have friends and family over. You can even install a classy copper vessel sink to add a functional, classy touch to your outdoor kitchen.


A nice roof deck does not only add beauty to your home. It also serves a purpose. You can enjoy your summer on a new deck, especially if it is properly shaded and is surrounded with beautiful garden. It doesn’t have to be expensive. All your deck needs is a design that perfectly fits the ambiance. 


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