Know All the Different Types of Blinds There Are!


Blinds have been around as long as curtains, and modern screening solutions incorporate a wide range of styles and types. If you are about to have some renovation work done, and have decided to get rid of those awful curtains, you should read on before buying anything. Here is a complete rundown of the different types of blinds you can use to give your home a unique look.

Venetian Blinds

Perhaps the most commonly known type of blind, with its familiar horizontal slats that are typically made from plastic or metal. The system is held together by a series of strings and pulleys, and the slats can rotate almost 180 degrees, allowing complete opening or closing.

Vertical Blinds


These have become very popular in the past two decades, and because they draw to the side, they are much easier to operate. The other main benefit is the vertical slats do not collect dust, unlike their Venetian counterpart, which requires a weekly wipe with a damp cloth. If you are in Western Australia, and looking for blinds in Perth, there are online suppliers of customised blinds of all types, colours and designs. In warmer climates, vertical blinds disturb insects, and are ideal for doors and windows that are open, as visibility is adequate.

Roller Blinds

These are very popular in climates like Western Australia, where there are long periods of intense sunlight, and with the right fabric, they provide adequate shading and protection. Modern roller blinds come with sleek and smooth mechanisms, and with all of the units made to measure, they offer the perfect screening solution for any home. If you are on the hunt for quality roller blinds, and you are in Western Australia, check out Westral in Perth, who are experts at all things to do with blinds.

Roman Blinds


This design is effective for total protection, and involves horizontal pleats of thick material that, when lowered, give total screening. This style is ideal for a contemporary look, and with a range of colours and patterns, Roman blinds can transform any room. They are often made using timber, which gives the room a rustic appearance, and goes well with hardwood flooring.

Panel Blinds

These are relatively new to the scene, and consist of large vertical panels that are opened sideways in an overlapping fashion. They are ideal for covering large patio doors, or even as a room divider, and with a smooth tracking system, you have fine control over the positioning. If you have all your blinds made by the same company, each type can have the same fabric, giving you a great match throughout the home.

There are a few more types of blinds, yet the above examples are the most popular, and with customised choices, the homeowner has never had such an exciting opportunity to create a unique ambience. The wide range of materials, colours, and patterns allows you a free hand in room design, and with a quality installation, you can kiss your screening issues goodbye!

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