Maximizing Small Spaces in Urban Flat Rentals

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The space in cities is not in abundance like smaller towns. In most of the urban setups, population density is high which means every square foot of space is valuable in terms of its price and its use. In the past few years alone, we have seen a huge price boom in the housing sector across the US and also in other parts of the world.

But to tackle this problem, there are numerous stories about how people use creative ideas to make the most from whatever space is available to them in the flats they buy or rent. If you are someone who has recently moved to a city or is already living there and facing a space crunch, this article will provide practical ideas that you can implement. This will convert your small flat into a dream place where you will never feel that space is not supporting your ideal way of living.

The in-thing – vertical storage

Google and social media are full of vertical storage solutions because of the popularity this concept has gained. You can also try vertical space ideas by installing shelves, wall-mounted cabinets, tall pantry cabinets, or even bookcases. With vertical storage help, you will see that many items are easily storable and accessible whenever needed. Sometimes, not everything can be discarded for the sake of making more room and this is where vertical storage units help you out.

Space and storage is a key aspect of life. Another thing that needs a mention besides the flat space is the iPhone storage. No matter which model you buy or the cloud service you use, you will find yourself asking for more. Even if you go for cloud storage, its cost will hurt you at some point or the other. Just like your apartment, it’s important to make the best use of what is available to you. This means you should use clean my phone app. Find out that simple ideas can help you in organizing your phone much better. It will give you peace of mind and also optimize your device for faster and smoother performance.

Multi-functional furniture units

This is another trend that has picked up fast, especially in rental flats. You can choose furniture items that serve dual purposes. A sofa bed or coffee table with built-in storage is the best example of this. These multi-functional furniture pieces provide a lot of space besides serving their main purpose.

The big under-bed storage

The beds are usually the biggest furniture pieces. They can range anywhere from 6×3 or 7×4 for a single piece to 6×6 or 7×7 or any other size if you have ordered a custom one. This huge space means there is a lot of space under the bed that you can use for storing clothing, shoes, and bedding. And if you still see space there, use it in place for your regular closet items.

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Door and wall organizers

Doors and walls? Yes. They don’t belong only to coats and your favorite pictures. Go for hooks or over-the-door organizers on the back of doors. The same applies to walls. Besides keys, coats, and pictures, use walls and door organizer units for storing all the small items that create clutter. If they are big enough, you could also use them to keep your sports items, books, etc.

It’s in the closet! Maximize the space

You can make full use of closet space by using stackable bins, hanging organizers, or rod dividers. Adjustable shelving is also in trend so you can get it easily from your local physical or online store. Use these to put your accessories, handbags, valuables, caps and hats, and any other item that can be accommodated there easily.

Declutter, organize, minimize

These are words that we often hear but mostly, we fail to follow the ideas behind them. Yes, you should sell or simply discard the items that you no longer use. The best idea is to donate them. It serves a dual purpose – you live a more organized life by optimizing the space in your rental flat and contributing to a social cause. If you see items unused or scattered here and there, decide which ones you really need and which ones you don’t.


The high rentals and the acute shortage of flats in cities mean challenges for people who need optimum areas to live as per their wishes. Whether you have a family or want to live alone in a flat, the space crunch will bother you at one point or the other. To make it worse, you can’t move to a new place as and when you wish as you have a particular budget to follow. Looking at this situation, it’s best to optimize your availability for maximum usage. This is where these above tips will help you. Try them one by one and DIY wherever you can. This will save you money, the hassle of hiring contractors, and the need for renting a new place.

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