If you’ve been mulling over selling your home but feel like you’ve missed your time to strike during the busy summer market, you don’t need to wait until next year to sell.

Fall is a great time to list your home on the market for a multitude of reasons you may not have thought of before. By selling your home in the fall, you can get a great investment return, especially if you have an experienced agent working for you, like those at Harvey Kalles Real Estate Brokerage. Fall homes can sell quickly, giving you a chance to move on before the first snowfall.

Here are just a few reasons why the fall season is such a great time to sell your home!


Best time for Outdoor Maintenance

When it comes time to sell your home, repairs often need to be made before resale. While interior renovations can be done at any time of the year, doing exterior work on a house in the wintertime can be more difficult and certainly more unpleasant.

By selling your home in the fall, you can more easily prepare any exterior work, such as painting, roof repair, or driveway maintenance, all while working in ideal temperatures. 

Tasks such as landscaping can be performed much easier before the ground has time to harden and freeze. Also, the expectations of vibrant greenery on your property will be lowered by potential buyers, as the brassy colours of foliage are expected at this time. This means any patches of dead grass, for example, are less likely to hurt your curb appeal. Just don’t forget to maintain the leaves!


Different, More Serious Buying Demographic

Spring and summer are when many families seek new houses, taking advantage of the time off between school semesters so as not to interrupt their child’s education.

However, during fall, the market is full of established empty nesters whose children have now gone off to post-secondary schooling. They may be seeking to downsize their place, which can be ideal for smaller family homes or condo units. On the flip side, younger millennial couples may be considering children and seeking established family-sized homes. If you have additional bedrooms, staging them with neutral intention can be beneficial, so those downsizing may see the potential for an office space. In contrast, young couples may see a prospective nursery.


Have Your Home Sold by the Holidays

The winter season can be a whirlwind of travelling, corporate parties, family gatherings, and other holiday events. These events take time and preparation, which can be much harder to manage when juggling a significant move.

By listing your home in the fall, you can get ahead of this busy season and give time to allow the sale of your house to process, as well as move with less sense of urgency between holiday events. With any luck, you’ll be moved into your new home, with the stresses of selling your old house behind you, leaving you ready to ring in the new year and start the next chapter of your life.


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