Three Reasons to Sell Your Home for Cash



The Covid pandemic shook up the housing market in a way many didn’t expect — it caused a housing shortage and buyer boom. In 2020, 6.5 million homes in the US were sold which is a 5.6% jump from 2019. Redfin revealed that one-third of the houses were sold from January to April for cash!


Selling the home for cash is now far easier, more accessible, and trusted. If you are deciding to sell your home, you don’t need to wait for months or renovate your house. Instead you can choose to sell it for cash.

It’s the Fastest Way To Sell a Home

Traditional selling, meaning selling through an agent or listing your home on an MLS, is slow and risky — you never know when it is going to sell and what offers are going to come in. You’re also forced to move out in a set period of time while you close the deal — usually 30-60 days, depending on the buyer. Selling your home for cash isn’t like that. Why? It’s usually companies that buy your home, not individual buyers! This makes the process a lot more flexible than traditional sales.

A Completely Flexible Process

A cash buyer is usually a lot more flexible and ready to meet your needs. That means they can negotiate the price of your home, offer longer closing periods — sometimes even up to six months — and don’t force you to make any costly repairs for your home. All in all, a reputable cash for home company puts their focus on you instead of on moving in!

Freedom From Real Estate Agent

When you sell your home for cash, you don’t need to indulge in the third party or real estate agent. You can say goodbye to paying their fees and having them kick you out of your home to show it to potential buyers. A cash buyer will instead send a representative out to look over your home, do a short inspection to get the floorplan, and then will give you an offer. It’s really that easy. The best part? They don’t ask for any closing fees or commission.

Inspections Free Process

We mentioned an inspection, but when you sell your home for cash, this inspection is quite different. Most cash buyers simply walk through the home to get the layout, look at the condition of the foundation and roof, and just check the general condition of the home. They don’t ask you to fix anything either — traditional home inspectors will!


Faster and No Wait For Approval

Selling the home to the traditional buyer is a tiring process — wait for an appraisal, book inspections, pay for repairs, and wait for the buyer to get their loan approved from the bank. In case, if the bank denies your buyer’s request, you will have to repeat the whole process and sell your home to another buyer.


When you sell your home for cash, you don’t have to wait on the bank or take a gamble with the buyer. A cash buyer already has the money in hand, so it’s faster, more efficient, and more reliable for you.

No Costly Repair or Renovations

Most home buyers’ want you to renovate your home before they buy it. They will demand you paint some rooms or repair the other things. On top of that, you’ll need to fix anything found in the inspection to get it up to code. It adds up fast!


The renovation process has the following downsides for the homeowners:


       ●       It slows down the selling process

       ●       Spend money on contractors

       ●       Re-inspection

       ●       The renovation has to be loved by buyers!


Cash buyers will often buy your house in its present condition — none of what we just listed is needed! Selling a home to cash buyers frees you from the contingencies that will add up quickly.

Flexible Closing Time

If you need to close on your home in just a week or two, a cash buyer is the best way to do so. They can close fast! Or, if you need it, they are flexible and are willing to wait until you’re ready to close as well — no strings attached! You are not bound to the traditional buyer to collect his funds, get his paperwork done, and close the house in months when he is ready.

Final Thoughts

It is crystal clear that selling a home for cash is the most personalized process with various compelling advantages. You don’t have to indulge in opinions and renovations asked for by traditional buyers, wait for loans to be approved, or move out on someone else’s timeline.


Selling a home for cash is exclusively free from all these hassles. Just get your cash buyer, set your desired price, and get the cash following a closing date of your choice. It’s really that easy!

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