Moving is a notoriously stressful task. It’s befuddling, the sheer amount of stuff a small family can accumulate over the course of several years. It’s even more befuddling to pack it all into small brown boxes suitable for travelling. Yes, moving is overwhelming. Here is a list of wonderful tips to make this complicated process a lot less stressful for you:

1.    Start Early
You need to start the packing process at least two months in advance to get everything done on time. So plan early, and make a list of everything that needs to be packed. Organize packing by room. For example, plan to pack everything in the living room Monday and then the laundry room Wednesday, and so on.

2.    Hire a Moving Company
You will need all the help you can get to make the process of moving smoother. So, there’s no one better to offer you help than the professionals. You will eventually have to hire a moving company to transport your boxes. But, some moving companies, like Vic's the Moving Man, also offer advice on how to manage the move better. Obviously, a moving company that also helps you pack is way better than a company that only offers handymen and vehicles.

3.    Start Packing at a Room You Rarely Use
Do not start packing everything in the bedroom or the kitchen first. You will need to use these items until the day you have to leave. Therefore, early in the moving process you need to pack the things that you need the least. For example, items forgotten in the attic or stored in the garage that you don’t use everyday should be packed first.

4.    Label Everything
Yes, you will need a labeling system to know which items are in which box, and in which room at the new residence they belong. You can shove everything into a box easy enough, but unpacking them at the new residence will be a nightmare. So, go buy a label maker now.

5.    Bubble Wrap Fragile Items

Don’t forget to provide extra padding and support for items that can break easily, like glassware, electronics and stemware. Bubble wrap is a solid option to protect breakable items, but you can also use old clothing or socks as extra padding.

6.    Cover the Openings of Bottles with Liquids
You will be packing previously opened containers like shampoo bottles when moving. Make sure to cover the openings of all such containers with plastic wrap to prevent spills during transportation. You can separately pack containers that are at risk for spillage.

7.    Keep Things You Need in a Clear Box
There will be several items, like toiletries, cups or bedding, which you will need to use immediately at your new residence. You need to pack these things in clear plastic boxes so you can easily identify and unpack them at your new residence. There is no point in packing your toothbrush at the bottom of a box containing toys your six-year-old never uses.

8.    Get Help
Packing everything by yourself is not easy. So do not hesitate to ask for help from friends or neighbors when you need it. The more the merrier, after all.

Above all, do not procrastinate. If you wait till the last minute to start packing, you are more likely to mess up and leave something behind. Therefore, plan everything in advance and follow the tips given above to make your moving process easier and simpler.

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