While a home extension promises so much, there are also pitfalls and things to avoid when designing and building onto a property. The project might end up costing twice as much as originally planned, or it could run on a few months over the scheduled deadline, and to avoid some of the common failures, here are some helpful hints on things to watch out for.

1.Hiring the Wrong Builder – This will certainly cause problems right from the outset, so make sure to compare different builders, and not just over price, as the general manner of the builder is important. Things invariably go wrong, and the ideal builder would be flexible and customer focused, and easy to communicate with. If a person in WA is considering home extensions in Perth, there are online builders who can design and create the ideal extension.

2. Deciding on the Lowest Quote – This is a major cause of dissatisfaction among customers, and also a cause of conflict with the builder. It might be a small thing that was not established in the initial agreement, which is why it is a good idea to sign a comprehensive contract with the builder, one that covers everything. An established company, such as Addstyle Master Builders, would provide an affordable quote, and that would be the final figure the customer would pay. 

3.No Fixed Deadline – This is something that might not seem to be a problem, yet for a builder, deadlines are everything. If one project has no deadline, the builder might prioritise other projects, and invariably the finish date will be long after the customer had envisaged. Talk with the builder and come up with a practical completion date, one that can be realistically achieved.

4.No Clear Vision – In other words, the client has no firm idea what the end result will look like, and this can cause problems, as builders need direction. The plans should be adequate for the builder to work to, without having to refer back to the client.

5.Under Budgeting – A common error, and one that could cause a nasty surprise halfway through the project. If the builder is involved in the design stage, they will ensure that the budget is realistic and with their knowledge of material costs, one should be able to calculate the costs.

6. Changing one’s Mind – This happens frequently, and is a major cause of frustration for the builder. Not only that, it adds to the budget and also takes longer. Be clear in how the finished product should be, and if in any doubt, consult the builder.

7.Not Having a Complete Design Layout – One can spend a lot of time talking to a builder about how the project should be, but a clear blueprint gives the builder something concrete to work with. Discuss the project with the builder at the earliest opportunity, then the concept will be clear to all parties.

By following the above guidelines, the new extension should be something pleasing, and by using the right builder, the additional space should provide the homeowner with many years of service, while adding value to the home.

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