Stuff You Need to Know About Locks and Which Type is Suitable for Your Home

  • 8 years ago
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Whatever the reason you’re investing in new locks for, whether that’s because crime rates are up in your local area or you’d like to enjoy the peace of mind that residing in a secure home is known for delivering, there are many things that you need to know about locks if you’re to select the best kind of lock for your home. Here are a few insightful points to think about.

Cylinder Locks for Front and Rear Doors that are Near Windows

Any door that’s located near to a window needs to be secured with a quality cylinder lock from a reliable locksmith like Perth’s Action Lock. If you only have thumb-turn dead bolt locks on your doors, all a burglar needs to do to gain entry to your home is smash the window, reach inside and turn the knob.

However, if you have a quality cylinder lock that requires a key to lock and unlock it, even if the would-be intruder smashed the window they still wouldn’t be able to open the door.

Install a Deadbolt for Backup

If you want to avoid having to call an emergency locksmith to change all the locks on your home after a break-in, install a deadbolt for backup security. Deadbolts can only be secured from the inside so they’re an excellent means of increasing security while you’re at home. Many homeowners and their families find they sleep more soundly at night after having a reliable local locksmith install deadbolts at home.

Be Wary About Mass-Produced Padlocks

Padlocks are great for securing things around the home, like the garden shed, for example, but you need to be wary about mass-produced locks, even those manufactured by leading brands. What many consumers don’t realise is that these mass-produced locks are often of a poor standard and that there are different grades available, with a good choice being a Grade 2 lock, which many experts see as a good investment.

Your Locks are Only as Secure as Your Doorframe

A reliable local locksmith will inform you of this when installing new locks at your home. Even though you may have an excellent lock system installed on your front and rear doors at home, if your doorframe is weak or of a poor quality, all it takes for a would-be intruder to gain entry to your home is give the door a good kick. The locks will still hold, but what will happen is that the frame will splinter and break.

Having a deeper strike box fitted is a common solution, but be sure to discuss your options with the local locksmith you call to inspect your doors and install new locks. Different doors and door frames may be better suited to different types of locks, which is something a good local locksmith can advise you on.

There are many things to know about locks if you’re to select the most suitable type for your home, however, don’t hesitate to contact a good local locksmith to have all your questions answered.

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