If you’re considering listing your property any time in the near future, or simply getting an appraisal, you’re likely fixating on getting the house prepared. That can mean everything from cleaning up to addressing necessary repairs. You may also want to give some thought to some of the quick and easy improvements you can work on to make your home feel all the more complete.

One area you can concentrate on is the yard or garden. Even if you tend to stay on top of your landscaping, there are always a few things that can be done to make the space more attractive and more special in the eyes of a prospective buyer. Here are just a few ideas that might help to get you thinking.

Put In A Vegetable Garden

It’s always nice to add to your garden, and a vegetable garden can be one of the quicker upgrades you can make. Planting boxes and raised beds are a little easier to manage than the ground and are an easy way to get your vegetable garden started. This list of tips should help if this something you'd like to try and offers helpful advice on how to protect your plants from frost and keep your greens clean.

Hire A Landscaper

If you don’t have professionals tending to your lawn and garden already, you might want to book a couple of weeks with a recommended landscaper in your area. This is just to get the house ready for listing photographs or in-person showings, and it saves you the time of having to touch things up as thoroughly as a professional team of yard workers will.

Build A Garden Deck Or Path

This may sound like a daunting task, but it's actually much easier than it sounds. And you don’t have to build it from scratch. You can look this page to get a better idea of the available options when it comes to decking materials to get you started on your next outdoor project. You’ll notice there are different dimensions and styles of pre-made decking that can give you a head start. You still need to lay out and assemble everything, but it’s something you can do in a weekend that adds a whole new look to your yard.

Put In A Few Special Touches

Finally, you might want to consider adding a few of those special touches that make a garden feel like an extension of the home. This could mean any a few birdfeeders, a couple of lanterns, an eating area, or a fire pit. One site even has some tips on how to fashion your own tree swing, if you want to consider a few things that might appeal to buyers with families! There are loads of options, but spend some time thinking about the details that can make your yard more pleasant and hospitable. These won’t necessarily raise the valuation of your home, but they’ll definitely appeal to potential residents looking over the property.


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