5 Ways to Have a Beautiful Lawn


If you are an avid gardener, the lawn is always of concern. The centrepiece of the garden, your lawn should always be well-kept and healthy, and if it isn’t, everything else will fade to black. Trimmed borders and colourful flowering will only look right if the lush green area that is central to your concept is healthy and nicely cropped. Here are some useful tips to ensure that your grass is always greener.

1. The Right Mower – If you are serious about your lawn, you will need to have a cylinder mower, as this is how the professionals manage to create those wonderful stripes in the grass. The larger the grassed area, the more intense it looks when the cut has been carried out by a cylinder mower. This reason for this is that a cylinder mower doesn’t cut in the same way that a regular grass cutter, which has a rotary motion, and with attachable blades, it cuts through the grass like a scythe. A cylinder mower lays the grass strands down before cutting, and the heavy roller that follows, makes for the lines. You can also hire what is called as a garden edger, who will take care of everything for your lawn to have beautiful edges and capture a look that won’t be forgotten.

2. Automated Watering System – This is a great way to achieve a lush green surface that will be the envy of all your neighbours. Modern reticulation systems deliver the right amount of water to the right locations, at the right time, and with everything programmable, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of that garden you worked so hard to make attractive. If you live in Western Australia, you will know how those hot summer days can make a lawn look jaded, and if this is an issue, TLC Services Perth provide reticulation in Perth, and with many years of hands-on experience, they will install the ideal system to save you both time and money. The latest watering systems require precise reticulation installation, and if you ever need retic repairs, there are online companies that provide this service.

3. Longer Cut in the Summer – If you leave an extra centimetre on the grass during the hot season, it will protect the roots from the harmful effects of direct sunlight, and with an automated water system, you can be sure the lawn will always look its best. If you are having a party or barbeque, then give the lawn a finer cut the day before, and you can always let it grow out after the event.

4. Nutrition – This is vital for a healthy lawn, and the cutting process strips the grass of its natural food. Spring is the time to start to add some fertiliser every month, which should contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Your local garden centre can recommend a good lawn fertiliser, and with regular watering, your lawn will always be lush and inviting.

5. Aerification – Sometimes the soil surface is clay based, and this means the grass cannot breathe effectively, which will stunt growth. A garden fork can be used to make multiple holes, at least down to a few inches, and this will give the roots precious oxygen, and will also drain away any surface water.

Having a good lawn takes time and patience, and by feeding and cutting correctly, it will soon look as green as any of your neighbours, if not a little more!

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