An award-winning management company has revealed what it believes will be the most-demanded features from renters in 2023.

Quintain Living overseas has more than 3,500 apartments in North London and suggested that items that were once only part of a wish list are now expected as standard.

Pet-friendly properties are a clear example of this. All Quintain Living's homes in Wembley Park welcome pets, and boast on-site facilities including 'bark parks', dog runs and a Laundro-Mutt grooming space. Its properties are currently home to more than 400 cats and dogs.

Work-from-home spaces are another item that has gone from wish list to an expectation. Quintain Living's Canada Gardens development includes a rooftop lounge with a dedicated work-from-home area, an on-site clubhouse for working in a relaxed, social setting and some designer office sheds dotted around the extensive gardens.

Its new Repton Gardens development also incorporates an entire work-from-home suite with ten offices and a meeting room that are available to hire.
Other core resident expectations include gyms and outdoor spaces. These boost both mental and physical well-being, while residents also expect a selection of health-focused amenities in the local area.

Looking ahead, the company is also seeing some new trends emerging. Energy efficiency is one thing that residents are increasingly seeking – both from a cost point-of-view and a sustainability perspective. Renters are also looking for an easier customer journey that delivers a fast, frictionless, end-to-end experience.

Ashley Pedro, Sales Director, said: “Over the course of 2022, we've seen a number of 'nice to haves' become embedded as core items that residents expect to be included in their homes. As we head into 2023, the sector continues to evolve, as do residents' expectations.”


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