If you're a renovator or developer, you know what land surveys are. But if you want to learn more about why they are so important and what they can do for your business, this blog is for you. 

What a Land Survey Involve?

A land survey is a process of measuring and mapping the land. Surveys are used for various purposes, including planning new construction projects, determining property boundaries, and resolving land disputes. 

Land surveyors use several tools and techniques to assess the land's size, shape, and contours. They may also use GPS technology to locate property boundaries. The process of surveying land can be complex and time-consuming, but it is essential for ensuring that projects are completed accurately and on schedule.

Why are Land Surveys Important for Renovators and Developers?

The land on which a property is built can change over time due to a range of factors, such as weathering, erosion, and land movement. As a result, renovators and developers must have a current survey of the property before beginning any work. 

A land surveyor can help identify potential problems and recommend solutions to ensure the project stays on track. In addition, a current survey can help to avoid any legal complications that might arise from working on land that has changed since the last study was conducted. 

As such, it is clear that having an up-to-date survey is an essential part of any renovation or development project. 

More Benefits of Land Surveys

Determine the Boundaries of the Property

One of the reasons why land surveys are essential to renovators and developers is that they help to determine the boundaries of the property. This is important because it ensures that all work is carried out within the bounds of the property and that no damage is done to neighbouring properties.

Determine the Elevation of the Property

Another important reason is that they help you cover all the bases to determine the flood risk level you will assume upon purchasing the property by analyzing your elevation survey. This information helps ensure that all work is carried out at the correct level and that no damage is done to the property due to incorrect leveling.

Determine the Location of Underground Utilities

Professional land surveys also help to determine the location of underground utilities. This information is critical to avoid damaging these utilities during excavation work.

How Can Inaccurate Surveys Lead to Problems for Renovators and Developers?

Before any land development or renovation project can begin, an accurate land survey must be conducted. As we mentioned, this survey will help determine the property's boundaries and the location of any existing features, such as buildings, trees, and utility lines. 

Without an accurate land survey, there is a risk that the project could end up being located on land not owned by the developer or encroaching on neighbouring property.

In addition, inaccurate surveys can lead to problems with building permits, utility hook-ups, and other aspects of the development process. 

That’s why you must work with land surveyors who are properly licensed and qualified to conduct surveys to avoid potential problems. 

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Land Surveys

Land surveying is an essential process for land development, yet it is also one of the most commonly misunderstood services. For example, many people believe that land surveyors measure property boundaries. In reality, land surveyors provide critical information that helps to establish those boundaries. 

Additionally, land surveyors play a vital role in ensuring that buildings are constructed safely and per the code. As a result, even a tiny error in a land survey can have costly consequences. 

Some of the most common mistakes made during land surveying include failing to account for the earth's curvature, underestimating the effects of gravity, and chopping corners (literally). 

These errors can be avoided by working with a qualified and experienced land surveyor. With their help, you can be confident that your land development project will be done right.

A land survey can identify any potential issues with the property — boundary disputes or easement rights, for example — that could impact the project. A land survey before any construction can address and resolve these issues prevents delays or costly mistakes. 

The bottom line is, land surveys are important for renovators and developers since they ensure the safety and accuracy of any construction or renovation project.


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