• - Are you thinking of buying a home security system?
  • - Do you know where you can get one?
  • - Do you know what things you should look for before buying the system?


These questions are essential to answer when you decide to buy a security system for your home. We understand that the cheap security devices seem attractive for obvious reasons, but you should not go for them because they are not true to their purpose.


A home security system should send you theft alerts, detect burglar movement, have a longer lifespan, and have good image quality in the video footage.


Unfortunately, the cheap variants won’t come with all these perks, and some even come with none of these perks. So, if you want to buy good home security systems, head to Smith Thompson right now.

Why Should You Avoid Buying Cheap Security Systems For Your Home?

There can never be a shortage of reasons to avoid buying cheap security systems. However, we have shortlisted the top 7 reasons for you so that you don’t make the same mistake as countless others and buy a flawed quality security system.


Let’s check them out:

1: False Alarm

Even the expensive home security systems can also activate false alarms and drive the homeowners into a panic. However, the cheap versions are more prone to this issue.


The sole purpose of a home security system is to get a piece of mind when you are not home. But, if the security systems keep making false alarms, it will always keep you tense and panicked.


On top of that, if you send police to your house every time the alarm makes a false sound, they will start charging you after a while. Now, that will be an extra expense that you must bear with the cheap security systems.

2: No Remote Access

The cheap security systems won’t come with a smartphone app. It means you will no longer have complete control over your home security, no matter where you are.


We agree that even the cheap security systems come with a wall-mounted keypad for you to control the sensors and devices. But, what happens when you are not home, and you suddenly remember that you forgot to activate the theft alarm?


You obviously can’t go back all the way to your house because that will make you late for your office. This is why remote accessibility is mandatory in a home security system, which the cheap variants don’t offer.

3: Short Lifespan

You get what you pay for. This saying is especially true when choosing a home security camera at a low price. Of course, home security is expensive, but when it is costly, it means the security system has certain features that will support your needs in the long term.


A cheap variant, on the other hand, will not last much longer, and you may have to buy a new security system every 6 months or every year.


The cheap security systems don’t even come with a reasonable warranty period, and when you spend so much money behind a gadget, you’ll want it to last longer. Hence, you should avoid buying a security system that does not have longevity.

4: Consumes Too Much Electricity

Your security system always needs to stay activated because your house needs 24/7 protection. However, if a gadget is working 24/7, it doesn’t mean it will consume extra electricity. But unfortunately, the cheap security systems do so.


You don’t need a security device that will add extra pennies to your electricity bill, right? Then, you don’t buy a cheap electricity system.


When you put your house on the retail listing, investors will only prioritize your house based on how much electricity your security system consumes when you place your home on the retail listing. So, choose the security system carefully because buying a cheap one may not be worth the money in the long run.

5: Bad Chips

Cheap security cameras often have the same problem of software error, and it happens because of the bad chips integrated into the system. Well, you should not be surprised considering the amount of money you invested into it.


With bad chips come insufficient coding power, and if the coding power is not substantial, it will result in annoying pixelation in the video footage.


How can you identify the burglars if the security footage is blurry and cracks the image in between? You can’t. That's why we always recommend going for a home security system that may compel you to spend a few extra bucks initially because they’ll be worth it in the future.

6: Poor Image Sensor

When you buy a home security system at a low price, remember that the manufacturer has used low-quality parts to reduce the production costs. Therefore, he is not making a loss by selling you the product at a low price, so you’ll be the only fool if you believe that.


If you want to get a high-quality image of every person entering and exiting your property, make sure you choose a security system with a suitable image sensor.


You can ask the manufacturer about it separately because seeing good quality security footage is one of the primary reasons why someone will buy a security camera in the first place. So check the video quality, and if it looks blurry, don’t go for that gadget.

7: Poor Quality Night Video

You expect the greatest danger at night, so making sure your home is secure at night is one of the important reasons for buying a security system.


But, if the security camera does not have a good quality night vision camera, how will you identify people who try to break into your property at night? Most cameras incorporate infrared vision, which results in the blurry night footage.


The cheap versions won’t have any noise cancellation technology, including sound interferences in the video footage. However, if you buy a pricey one, these problems will disappear immediately.

The Bottom Line

If you are still with us, you must have understood what the security systems should have and what they should not have. Unfortunately, the cheap quality security gadgets won’t have many features except the low price, so be cautious before buying one.


If you need more information on them, ping us in the comment box. We will get back with a reply in no time.


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