The idea of having to do a major pipe repair can leave most building owners in a cold sweat. You may have pipe damage caused by erosion, root intrusion or calcification that needs to be replaced. When you think about the time and labor that it traditionally takes to dig up and replace damaged pipes in a building, it can be overwhelming.

Repairing a leak or rotten sections of pipe without the digging is the premise behind Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP), which can make the process much faster and cheaper. There is no need to rip up the parking lot or the front lawn to get quality pipe repairs done that will last for decades. With CIPP technology, an entirely new pipe is created right inside the existing pipe with a combination of epoxy resins that act as a powerful pipe liner.

With CIPP technology you can keep your business running and profits coming in while having the work done all completely underground. New pipes can be poured in a matter of hours, saving you lost time and money compared to traditional options.

Ultimate Solution

It doesn’t matter what kind of damage is affecting your pipes, CIPP can create a new and durable seal that will last for many years. If you have corrosion, cracking or root intrusion, the same process can be used to address all issues. This can give you many more options than you will have with a traditional dig and replacement. Even complex factory or apartment systems can be easily fixed, regardless of how many joints or bends are in the line.

Safer Method

When you get into a large project, with earth removal and replacement piping, you are creating a natural construction hazard around your building. With the risk of landscape cave-ins and damage from broken pipes, the system of underground CIPP is a much safer method. You can eliminate the possibility of damaged floors and structures that can happen with tough leaks, as well as protect your building from exposure to mold and asbestos.

Cheaper Alternative

The costs of ripping up your ground surface, digging out your pipes and putting it all back together is a much greater expense than using the CIPP method. You will be saving on the costs of labor, cut down project time significantly, and won’t have to shell out for landscaping costs when the project is done.

The CIPP method will give you an ultra strong and durable barrier right inside your original pipes that will last for decades. You will be making an eco-friendly decision with CIPP when you eliminate the need for site destruction and natural landscape damage. The installation with CIPP is much faster than the traditional methods, so you will save a lot of time in your project schedule. You can keep your business or building running like normal while all of your repairs are being done just below the surface, giving you much less downtime.

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