If you’re looking to market your property to the widest possible audience, you may need to consider more than a local agent. That’s the advice of a major US news provider who has recently published its ‘Top Ten Tips for Buying and Selling Your Home in 2013’.

Fox Business has advised American buyers to consider marketing their homes with an international property portal who specialise in international real estate, as we see next.

‘Market your home to foreigners via overseas property sites’ – Fox Business

Fox have recently published their top ten tips for buying and selling property in 2013. These tips include screening buyers, creating a good impression and renovating your home wisely.

One of their most important tips when selling property was to consider all of the possible marketing options available to you. As well as using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Fox also suggest that you ‘market your home to foreigners via overseas property sites.’

Specialist ‘for sale by owner’ sites feature property from around the world and can be a great place for you to advertise your home to millions of potential buyers.

“Lots of sellers of US homes advertise their properties on our website,” says Nick Marr, director of overseas property portal Homes Go Fast. “We have a vast database of buyers from Britain and around the world, many of who are looking to buy property in the US.

“It makes sense that you would maximise your chances of a sale by marketing your property to the widest possible audience. Using an international real estate website gives you a much greater chance to sell property online.”

As Fox says, to sell your home you must ‘Give your agent (or yourself) the green light to creatively market your home in varied venues, be they virtual or terra firma.’ And, an overseas property website is the perfect place to start.

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