Your office is more than just a place of business; it is your temporary home during work hours. The mood and ambience of your office play a significant role in your corporate success, because they directly affect your productivity.

If you’re based in London, and are carrying out commercial/office refurbishment, one area that is certainly keeping you awake is furnishing.  This is essential for providing comfort to both staff and clients, which is why it should be your top priority when you want to redecorate your office.

The 6 furnishing tips discussed below will help transform your office into a haven where business goals are made and accomplished.

Tailor your furniture to fit your office space

As explained by designer expert Kara Mathys at WellnessGrit, before settling on a particular set of furniture for the interior of your office, you must ensure that it perfectly fits your office space. Since tables, chairs, desks, and benches come in various forms, sizes, and designs, selecting a set without scrutiny may lead to a mismatch of furniture and office space.

If your office space can’t accommodate the furniture you want, there are reputable commercial/office  interior décor fit out companies that are able to rectify this issue with little effort.

Let your choice of furniture be professional

It is easy to get carried away by a fancy cushioned chair that lacks back support, or a transparent office table that is fragile. Though this selection of furniture may be pretty for the eyes, it is unprofessional for the office.

The set of furniture you use partly determines how seriously clients and investors see you, so having furniture with kooky designs and odd styles affects perception of your image, expertise level, and professionalism.


Keep an open mind when working with an interior designer

It is not surprising that you probably have an idea of your interior décor and furnishing needs before contacting an interior decorator or a construction company. You must, however, try to keep an open mind and give the hired expert a chance to work their magic.

Whether you want to carry out a commercial/office fit out, or simply replace worn out office furniture with new designs, you should endeavour to let the interior décor consultant conceptualise the perfect design that will fit your office. Being the creative mind, the expert is more likely to have a better idea of the type of furniture and design that will suit your office space. Some construction companies like TC&D Construction are able to work with their clients to give them the office design and furniture of their dreams.


Leave enough space for walking

It is normal for some offices to be completely stacked with chairs and other sorts of furniture, hindering the mobility of the occupant and visitors. This is a terrible idea that can ruin the office’s ambience and organisation, creating an uncomfortable environment that is not productive.

Also, sitting all through work hours has been proven to be detrimental to your health, which is why occasional walks in your office can be very helpful.

Most commercial/office interior designers based in London are aware of the importance of leaving a sizeable space during furnishing. Apart from its impact on mobility, it is also a remarkable aesthetic choice.

Prioritise comfort over everything else

It can be challenging to complete your work tasks, especially if the furniture that is meant to support you in your office is very uncomfortable. When you finally go about changing your furniture when refurbishing your office, you should ensure that the set you select is as comfortable as it can be.

Your brain is likely to function at its highest level if there are no distractions impeding it, and the level of comfort you get from your furniture will determine if you remain focused when executing important office duties.


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