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How To Install A Reverse Osmosis Unit

That long-awaited kitchen remodeling project is staring you in the face, giving you the same helpless look that it did last year.  Money is tight, bills are due, but you can’t keep your eyes off of that reverse osmosis machine for your central air issues in your home. All's well even in t

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Are Mobile Homes Worth It?

Going Modular: A Growing Trend It seems the whole world is catching on to the benefits of modular design. Retailers like IKEA have caught onto the benefits and have brought the terms “modular” and “modern” together in the same space. Other industries are catching on as wel

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Tips on moving and storing your upright piano

Your piano is your pride and joy. Just because your removal service says they’ll have no problem getting your piano out of the door and into the van, don’t assume they know how to handle a piano correctly. You of course understand that your piano is a fine and delicate piece of musical

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Rules in Communication When Selling Your Home

Just as there are some etiquette rules every home seller should know, there are very important rules in communication that make the sale process easier. Not that they are written somewhere in a special rule book, but there are indeed some guidelines that can help you nail the deal without del

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