Step One:
The first thing you need to do is put yourself in the shoes of any potential buyer who walks up to your house. Does your house look inviting? Is the paint fresh? Is the garden tidy? Even if you are not happy with the neighborhood you live in, you can always make your house look warm and appealing to buyers. Give the outside of your home as much attention as you give the inside and keep that garden neat and tidy if you don’t want them turning on their heel as soon as they arrive.


Step Two:
Once your potential buyer steps through the front door, they are going to make an instant judgment on your home, so you want to ensure it is a good one. If your porch or entry hallway is cluttered with shoes, umbrellas and junk mail, it doesn’t create a very inviting entrance. Tidy up the place and maybe add some fresh flowers for that instant zing as you walk through the door. For a real eye-opener when guests come through the door, what about putting in something stylish and new so that it is the first thing they see? A vintage wall clock or artwork from Wayfair could be just what you’re looking for.


Step Three:
Make sure every room in your house has plenty of light when showing buyers around. Throw open the curtains, roll back the blinds and leave the windows open a crack to let natural air in. If you have a room that is a little dark and doesn’t get much natural light, add a couple of soft covered lamps or wall lights to illuminate the room.


Step Four:
According to a recent article on The Huffington Post website, the two most important rooms that potential buyers will focus on are the kitchen and the bathroom, so it is essential that you make these shine. Start by giving them a thorough clean from top to bottom, ensuring every surface is wiped, dried and polished to perfection. Eradicate any unpleasant smells with odour sprays and try to keep the room as neat and clean as possible, even if you and your family are still using it. Replace any broken or damaged appliances and de-clutter the surfaces for the final touch.


Step Five:
As hard as it is to do, in order to sell your home you need to make it less about you and more about the house itself. Don’t have every room filled to the ceiling with photographs and family mementoes as this makes it harder for potential buyers to see themselves living in your house. However, it’s recommended that you should leave a few items of your own strategically placed here and there as this can give potential buyers an idea of how they can make it their own. Tidy away bric-a-brac and knick-knacks into cupboards out of sight and try to give your home a more neutral look. You may even want to freshen up walls with a new coat of paint, or tone down bold colours or or unusual furniture; you may love it but your buyers may not and they are the ones that you’re trying to please.


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