Property For Sale Soveja,Romania

For sale by owner - Soveja

20 bed Property for sale

OLD Motel for sale in Soveja, Vrancea County, ROMANIA

$265,859 | £191,241 | €220,000
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ForSale 4150 SqMt Area 26Baths 20Beds

Motel Soveja for sale, a 1975 building non-functional at present time with 4150 sqm plot of land.

1500 sqm of building on 4 levels

20 rooms, restaurant, brasserie, kitchen, administrative dependences.

The building and the land needs serious investment, as it had no tourist activity since 2012.

“Project Soveja – Restoring a forgotten community” is proposed together with this property.



Restoring a forgotten community

Project SOVEJA

The project involves the construction and operation of a 4-star resort („the Resort”) in Dragosloveni village, Soveja, Vrancea county, ROMANIA consisting of main building (restoration of the former Soveja Motel), additional accommodation capacity with 20 traditional houses with double-cell (resulting in 63 double rooms and / or suites for approximately 130 people), recreational and educational area (library, exhibition area, local open-air bar, cinema / theater), sports area (football field / tennis) and farm.

The resort is to be built around two fundamental concepts:

- Green: construction, fitting and operation will be closely related to nature: minimal impact on the environment (no trees to be cut to make space for construction, minimal environmental changes), materials with high perishability (stone for foundations, wooden structures, spider soldering, shingles on the roof) and green tourism (strict rules for tourists in direct contact with local fauna and flora, exclusively electric and animal traction means, green energy supply of the farm - photovoltaic panels and TESLA Powerwall for electricity, central heating with wood);

- Supporting the local community: the resort will be integrated perfectly in the local and regional community in such a way that their evolution is simultaneously positive (jobs, great contribution to the local budget, civic environmental protection initiatives, support to local suppliers, sponsorships and financial support, both material and human support in the educational area (kinder garden, elementary school).

Tourist landmarks

a. Regional

- Putna National Park

- Putna Waterfall, Monument of Nature

- Lepsa trout farm

- Memorial House «Mos Ion Roata» in Campuri village

- The legend of the 7 hills of Vrancioaia (Stefan the Great era): Bîrsesti, Bodeşti, Păuleşti, Negrileşti Spulber, Nistoresti and Spineşti

- Targu Ocna saline

- Mountain pass Oituz (Carpathians)

- Ojdula village with churches of Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Adventist rites for a total of approximately 3000 inhabitants

b. Local

- The Mausoleum and the Soveja Museum, built in 1929 in memory of the soldiers fallen in World War I

- The hunting museum soveja

- The German cemetery

- Soveja Monastery, 1654 - Matei Basarab

- „Miorita” poem - the visiting area of Alecu Russo's cellar, where Miorita ballad was collected

Resort structure

1. Motel – consolidation and refurbishment of existing building, total area of 1750 sqm, on 4 levels:

- Semi-basement level: SPA area: Indoor pool with salt-sulfuric water (5 km spring capture, exploration license, exploitation license to be obtained from authorities), cold sauna, hot sauna, Jacuzzi, Multi-functional conference capacity of 200 people

- Ground floor: restaurant area + covered terrace maximum capacity 150 persons, kitchen + dependencies, changing rooms, administrative space, storage spaces

- Level 1: 8 DBL + 4 APT rooms

- Level 2: 7 DBL + 4 APT rooms

- Outdoor events tent, capacity 200 people

2. Traditional houses: 20 traditional double-cell houses resulting in 40 apartments with bedroom and living room, exterior courtyard and wooden barn

3. Recreational circular building: built around the former settling basin serving the old building, currently a reed pond with a surface of 30 square meters, the circular building will have 3 sections:

- Section 1: the library on 2 levels with the ladder, the private collection Simion Mehedinti;

- Section 2: American style multi-functional bar overlooking Mount Sboina Neagra, terrace overlooking the pond, billiard, American music jukebox, darts;

- Section 3: multi-functional building for exhibitions and crafts / local traditions + cinema projection, theater and stand-up comedy

4. Sports area: football field / tennis

5. Playground area for children

6. Medical / dental point

7. Gardens - 15 000 sqm: stone access paths + buried wood beams, parking lot

8. The Farm: vegetables and livestock for tourist to watch and care + resort own supply, structured on 3 zones

- Area 1 The Hill - traditional crops (fruit trees, forest berries, vegetables), grazing farmland area, observation tower area and wildlife photography, starting point of hiking and collecting medicinal plants, mushrooms and berries;

- Area 2 The Barns - area of shelter and observation of domestic animals (cows, Ardennes horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, poultry) and area of technical, administrative and personnel premises;

- Area 3 The Paddock - horse riding area in the heart of the hardwood forest, on the bank of the Chiua river

The farm is a tourist attraction itself and a living engagement in village life, riding area, animal feed, planting / watering / picking vegetables and fruits.


Soveja Resort is designed to be a destination in itself and not just a mere accommodation capacity.

Soveja village is a traditional tourist place of national interest and together with Resort Soveja will offer tourists a unique experience in the Romanian and European tourist landscape.

It is an experience that offers a combination of:

- 4-star accommodation in a traditional-style with interior-built minimalist Nordic style

- Traditional Romanian and European food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) based on local ingredients from the Farm (of vegetal and animal origin) as well as international high quality ingredients;

- SPA area including a salt-sulphurous heated water pool, hot and cold sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness room

- Spacious fully-equipped corporate conference rooms;

- Various indoor activities: library, local crafts, American style bar, children's playground, cinema, theater;

- Excursion to the farm where one can actually live the rural experience that includes caring for animals and birds and also harvesting vegetables and fruits + horse riding;

- Trout fishing with pre-authorization;

- Hiking on marked trails in the Vrancea Mountains, including a semi-mountain trail to Sboina Neagra (9 hours walk);

- Observation and photo of the local fauna and flora, with the active support of the Association for Preservation of Biological Diversity (;

- Trips with a traditional horse-drawn cart and semi-mountain bike trails;

- Horse-drawn sleigh rides;

- Seasonal trips for picking berries (black wild bitter cherries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries), forest mushrooms and medicinal herbs;

A tourist arriving in this resort will receive in exchange for the € 74 (on average) / night accommodation and meals at top European quality and a variety of opportunities for spending time.

A participant in a corporate event will spend time in a location that will detain the professional part of the stay.

From postal services, transport from / to airport-railway station-any city in Romania, medical and dental services, internet, cleaning services - nothing is missing to give the tourist all the benefits of the past or present times.


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