Complex of 3 Cottages for Sale in Glossa Skopelos Island            

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Complex of 3 Cottages for Sale in Glossa Skopelos Island GreeceEsales Property ID: es5553336Property LocationGlossaSkopelos Island...

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Mama MIa Skopelos Greek island building center of town               

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  • 4,SKOPELOS Greek island of the Northern Sporades, detached house of 200 sq.m., 2 levels of 10...

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3 beds Villa Skopelos, SPORADES ISLANDS                              

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Land andamp; Villa with PoolSkopelos, Sporades IslandsThis property is located near Elios, just above Armenopetra Bay, on the isla...

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Facts About Skopelos

Skopelos (Greek: ????????) is a Greek island in the western Aegean Sea. Skopelos is one of several islands which comprise the Northern Sporades island group, which lies east of the Pelion peninsula on the mainland and north of the island of Euboea. It is part of the Thessaly region. Skopelos is also the name of the main port and the municipal center of the island. The other communities of the island are Glossa and Neo Klima (Elios). The geography of Skopelos includes two mountains over 500 m (1,640 ft); Delphi (681 m/2,234 ft) in the center of the island, and Palouki (546 m/1,791 ft) in the southeast. With an area of 96 square kilometres (37 sq mi) Skopelos is slightly larger than Mykonos (85 km2/33 sq mi) and Santorini (73 km2/28 sq mi). The nearest inhabited islands are Skiathos to the west and Alonissos to the east.