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Superb Development Opportunity Piraeus GreeceEuroresales Property iD - 9825136Property information:For sale is this development opportunity in Par. Voudouri, Piraeus 185 37, Greece.The ports size is 137.5 square metres and offers great property potential.* Plans attached* Plans are drawn with the guaranteed immediate issue of Planning Permission.* Plans are fully detailed and offer comprehensive construction opportunities, including the possibility of construction of up to 5 storeys of living & office space, with a Floor Area Ratio of 3.6* Plot equipped with its own electrical and water supply.The Plot is located just a 3 minute walk from Freatida beach. it is a short walk to the Central Port. Athens and all its historical sights, is a 15 minute drive away. Athens international Airport is 40 minutes away.The Piraeus area offers great sightseeing.The Central PortThe Plot's ancient name was Kantharos and today is the centre of city life. From here you can embark on a journey to all Aegean islands (bar the Sporades) and Crete. You can stroll around to see not only the cargo ships but also the sea liners, as well as the arrivals and departures of shipments and people from all over the world. in the Freatida area you can see the remaining parts of the ancient Piraeus Wall (on the coastal area).Zea Marina (Pasalimani)This marina is the docking place for some of the most impressive yachts and cruisers. On the coast you can find many restaurants, tavernas, bars and commercial stores which satisfy every person's need.Next to the Archaeological Museum you will see the Ancient Theatre of Zea (4th - 3rd century BCE).MikrolimanoThis port was protected by the goddess Mounichia Artemis and today is a popular area attracting people from all over Attica. it is a beautiful small port full of fishing boats, small ships and luxurious yachts. if you are fond of fish and sea food, you should definitely eat at one of its famous tavernas.KastellaA popular and beautiful quarter of Piraeus built on a hill also known as Prophet ilias. if you walk to the top of the hill you will see alleys with picturesque houses. in this area you will also find the outdoor theatre 'Veakio', which hosts significant cultural events during the summer.Municipal Theatre of PiraeusLocated in one of the central squares of the city (Korai Square). it is a neoclassical building constructed in the 1880s by architect i. Lazarimo, one of the most frequented places and a usual meeting point for residents of Piraeus.Metro station 'Piraeus'The Station's magnificent eclectic building with the 1929 arched dome has been greatly influenced by the relative European stations of that period. Recently, the internal facilities were fully renovated, while on the walls one can admire paintings created by students of the School of Fine Arts.Archaeological MuseumThe Museum mainly hosts sculptures discovered in Piraeus and along the coasts of Attica. The exhibits describe the history, period of prosperity and decline of the ancient city. it is worth paying exceptional attention to the five bronze sculptures discovered in Piraeus in 1959; the Archaic Kouros-Apollo, the two sculptures of Artemis, the one of Athena of Piraeus and a mask of ancient tragedy (4th century BCE).Maritime MuseumYou will find this museum located on the Moutsopoulou Coast and its exhibits present approx. 3000 years of Hellenic maritime history.This is a superb opportunity for those interested in developing a property in this superb area within Piraeus, Greece.Other information:A. Plot Area: 137.50 sq.m.B. Allowed Building Parameters:* Percentage of plot coverage: 70% of the area of the plot per floor* Area of building coverage 137.50 x 70% = 96.25 sq.m. Max 96.25 sq.m. per floor* Percentage of the total coverage of the building: 360%* Total coverage area of the building 137.50 x 3.60 = 495 sq.m.* Percentage of coverage of the semi-open spaces: 15%* Percentage of coverage of the semi-open spaces, including balconies: 35%C. Permitted Building Parameters:* Area of building coverage: 96 sq.m. < 96.25 sq.m.* Total coverage area and semi-open spaces:(96 x 5) + 50 sq.m. = 480 +50 = 530 sq.m. < 569.25 (495 + 74.25)* Percentage of coverage of the semi-open spaces: 15%Area of semi-open spaces: 495 x 15% = 74.25: 74.25 sq.m.* Percentage of coverage of the semi-open spaces: 35%Area of semi-open spaces, including balconies: 495 x 35% = 172.25: 172.25 sq.m.* Total building volume: 495 x 4.5 m: 2227.50 cubic meters."About the Area of Piraeus:Piraeus is surrounded by the sea and this influences the pace of life here. The town planning was realised by architect ippodamos in mid-5th century BCE. The plans of ippodamos were used as guidelines for the second planning of the town in 1834. Themistocles was the first one to realise its importance for the city of Athens and to promote it to be the major port in order to replace Faliros Bay, which was used by the Athenians until the 5th century BCE.Aiming to create a fortified port for the city of Athens, within the period from 493 to 479 BCE he constructed the Piraeus Wall. Later, Pericles completed the fortifications by building the Long Walls (Makra Teichi) which protected both sides of the road throughout the route from Piraeus to Athens. During the Middle Ages, Piraeus was known as Porto Leone due to the presence of an enormous stone lion sculpture guarding the port entrance.Today, it is the main port of Athens, the largest one in Greece and one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean, a major shipping, industrial and transportation centre of the country. City life focuses on the three parts of the port: the central one, Zea Marina and Mikrolimano.Under Koppen climate classification Piraeus has a hot semi-arid climate (BSh) according to the Hellenic National Meteorological Service data. Average temperatures range from lows of 8 degrees Celsius to highs of 34 degrees Celsius.Contact Euro Resales Ltd for more information.if you need to buy or sell property in Greece fast contact us today.
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