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Commercial land with more than 500.000 sqm in one piece, on the banks of river Korana, Croatia

$683,297 | £491,518 | €565,433
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The land is situated approximately 80 km southwest from Zagreb ( 1 hour of drive from the Zagreb international airport ) and some 60 km from famous Plitvice Lakes. The land covers 565.433 of square meters of which exactly 545.767 square meters are in one piece. This land is ideal for a classic ranch with four hamlets and fifteen houses some of which are preserved in their original state while others were adapted. All of them are registered in the cadastre giving a possibility of building within the given measures. A part of the land is located in the construction zone where one can construct buildings for different purposes. The estate has three different access points to Korana with a total of 19.666 square meters along the banks of the river. One of this access points has a natural drinking water spring. The whole area is home to a variety of animal, bird and fish species. The upper part of the land on the hill is rich in forest especially with the oak, the beech, the hornbeam, and the birch. This forest spreads over half of the space, making it an ideal place for some types of wild life (boars, rabbits and dears) and birds, attracting local and foreign hunters.

The commercial land is a part of a larger area free of all industrial or other pollutants which is sparsely populated and full of greenery. The land has not been sprinkled by any herbicides or chemical toxins for over twenty + years. The river of Korana is filled with lots of fish species, some of which are: the pike, the chub, the cataract, etc. The fish from the Korana are an outstandingly healthy dish because they live in clean water, rich with minerals and iodine and they eat the food from the most ecological part of Croatia. Moreover, river’s favourable mineral composition makes the water of Korana a healing source, good for skin diseases, diseases of the nerve system, excessive weight gain, inflammation of the joints, hearth diseases and the circulatory system and thyroid diseases.

European Union structural funds are now available for rural tourism, forest renewal and eco production projects

Possible investment projects for this commercial land
1. isolated ranch ideal for festival and teambuilding events
2. perfect place for rural and adventure tourism excursions
3. camping / glamping by the river with all water activities available
4. exploitation of technical wood
5. eco production of healthy food (fruits and vegetables)
6. livestock breeding and poultry
7. hunting, fishing, wild plants and mushrooms opportunities

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