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Facts About Maio

Maio or MAIO can refer to:
Maio, Cape Verde, an island in Cape Verde
Battle of Maio, fought between British and French naval forces in 1814

Maio, Guinea-Bissau, one of the Bissagos Islands of Guinea-Bissau
Vila do Maio, the main urban settlement on the island

Maio River, in Chile's Santiago Metropolitan Region
Maio of Bari (died 1160), Sicilian admiral and statesman
Giovan Tomaso di Maio (c. 1490-after 1548), Italian composer
Giuseppe de Majo or di Maio (1697–1771), Italian composer and organist
José Rodrigues Maio (1817-1884), Portuguese lifeguard and fisherman
Luigi Di Maio (born 1986), Italian politician
Marcello Maio, Australian jazz pianist and composer
Paolo de Maio (1703-1784), Italian painter
Roberto Di Maio (born 1982), Italian footballer
Sebastian De Maio (born 1987), Italian-French footballer
Vincent Di Maio, American pathologist
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