Thinking of upgrading your home by area? If you are planning to start your home remodeling process with your kitchen, you have to be aware that renovating your kitchen requires commitment. A kitchen update can be a tedious but doable task if you carefully follow the basic steps required. In this post, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to follow when updating your kitchen space.

How to Do a Kitchen Remodel the Right Way

Step 1: Know Your Budget

Having a set budget will allow you to decide how much repairs you can have for your home. When setting a budget, don’t forget to set aside a contingency budget. Renovations often reveal underlying issues that your kitchen may have. Having a budget is also ideal for addressing any construction accidents that may occur.

Step 2: Know the Upgrade You Want

Before you start the repairs, write down all the items that you want to have or remove from your kitchen. Are you planning to remove kitchen cabinets and replace them with new ones? Do you need new flooring? Are you thinking of adding an island? Want to upgrade your countertops and backsplashes? Once you’ve got this all figured out, assess whether all these renovations are doable within your budget.

Step 3: Clean the Clutter

Ideally, you should first clear out your kitchen space. To save on costs, you can do much of this on your own. For example, you can remove cabinet doors and bring down hanging cabinets. You can also remove lighting fixtures. Do shut off the main power line to prevent accidents. Make sure, however, that you are able to do them without creating damage to your space that would only add up to your costs.

Step 4: Hire Workers

Once you’ve accomplished all tasks that you can do on your own, it is now time to call in the workers. Make sure that you research competent workers within your area. See to it that they have the necessary skills and knowledge of doing a kitchen remodeling according to your requirements. Check out their pricing and scope of work, so you don’t have to worry about anything else when the work commences.

Step 5: Update Plumbing

If you are planning to update your plumbing, start with the old ones first as they are the ones that most commonly have issues such as leaks. You may want to change the fixtures to match the overall theme of your kitchen.

Step 6: Install Lighting and Wiring

Once you’ve finished doing all the necessary plumbing work, you may now start installing new lighting, depending on your requirements. Make sure that you have all the required wiring for your lighting needs. Having a layout of all the installations would be best to ensure that you’ve got all bases covered.

Step 7: Install Drywall

If you’ve opened up the walls for installing wiring and plumbing, you can now patch it up by installing your drywall. If you have basic carpentry skills, it is something that you can do on your own.

Step 8: Paint Your Walls

Now that you’ve sealed your walls, you may now proceed to paint your walls. It is always best to go for neutral colors, so it is easy to mix and match your interiors without spending so much on walls.

If you newly bought your home, remember that it would be best to do all the necessary repairs before moving in, so you never have to worry about dealing with clutter once you are in your new home. The same goes if you are planning to sell your home. Do repairs first.


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