In many home renovations or improvements, a relevant question that homeowners often ask is whether the project can achieve a significant investment return. That’s understandable since home improvements don’t come cheap. It only makes sense that you want to obtain the best value for your hard-earned money.

No matter the reason behind carrying out a home improvement project, waterproofing your basement must be one aspect that you should consider. Basement waterproofing brings many benefits. Obviously, it prevents water damage. However, one important reason to do basement waterproofing that many homeowners don’t realize is that it actually increases your home’s value.

Read on below to discover how basement waterproofing increases your property’s value.


     1.     Gives Additional Space To Your Property

Moisture is kept away from your basement if it’s waterproofed. That being said, you can have more space at home that family members and visitors can use. Since the basement adds more functioning area to the house, potential buyers will be more willing to put a higher offer on your property if you ever decide to place it on sale. The good news is there are basement waterproofing service providers that can do the hard work for you. Yes, you heard it right—you don’t have to waterproof your basement yourself. Click here to get help from a reliable basement waterproofing company.


     2.     Allows You To Convert Your Basement

Now that you already have a useful, waterproofed space, why not convert it into something more comfortable for your family and visitors?  By waterproofing your basement, you can turn it into any type of room you want. For instance, the basement can be converted into a home office, workshop room, or an entertainment room. It’s an option that potential buyers would also love to have if you decide to sell the property. A habitable, convertible, and safe basement would make a potential buyer want to pay a higher price for any house.


     3.     Improves Living Conditions In Your Property

Basements can become wet and damp if not waterproofed. That’s why it’s one of the home inspection areas that potential buyers focus on before closing the deal.

A wet and damp basement also impacts the living conditions in your property. You’ll experience lower air quality and unpleasant odors around the home because of mold. As you probably already know, fungi, like molds, are common in a wet basement. Such an impact on the living conditions in your property can affect your health.

By waterproofing your basement, it becomes possible to reduce the risk of developing related health problems. Nose and eye irritation, as well as respiratory problems, are only some of the many health issues that might arise when someone breathes in mold spores. The prospect of frequent emergency visits or costly medication will scare potential buyers away. If you want to protect the health of the person who buys your home and want to be able to mark a higher price for your property, invest in basement waterproofing.


     4.     Keeps Your Basement Clean

Aside from making your basement water-resistant, basement waterproofing also ensures that it stays very clean and tidy. Your basement becomes beautiful and neat once seepage, cracks, holes, and peeling paints are gone. As a result, the house's worth will increase since potential buyers are unlikely to find issues with your basement. Who doesn’t love a basement that’s neat and fine-looking?


     5.     Strengthens Your Home’s Foundations

A basement with wet walls and leaks will only result in a weaker base over time. If you want to make the foundation of your property stronger, then basement waterproofing is your best bet.

Walls getting cracked is the worst thing that could happen because of a wet and damp basement. It usually results from basement cracks and holes. The possibility of your property collapsing becomes higher and higher over time if you fail to waterproof the basement. Do you think potential buyers of your home would be inclined to shell out a huge amount of money for a property with weak foundations?  That’s very unlikely.


     6.     Reduces Heating And Cooling Costs

HVAC equipment will be forced to work hard in order to maintain interior temperatures when your basement isn’t waterproofed. That’s because the air can make the space humid by holding moisture. When the humidity becomes too high, it can filter upwards and affect the other areas of your house. An excellent way to reduce strain on your heating and cooling equipment is to waterproof your basement. Basement waterproofing eliminates moisture problems and saves you money by lowering your home’s energy consumption and other related costs.



If ever you decide to put your house on the market, basement waterproofing can improve its salability and value. You’ll get a great price for your property since potential buyers could enjoy an additional clean, useful, and safe space, convert the basement into anything they want, as well as save energy. While it’s true that basement waterproofing requires a significant amount of investment, the costs can be easily recouped when you sell up.


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