Your Guide to Effectively Dealing With Problem Trees on Your Property


Photo by David Vig on Unsplash

75% of top real estate agents agree that a home that is well-landscaped is actually worth more than those that aren’t, according to 2019 research from HomeLight. However, for those with problematic exterior aspects of the property — such as unsightly, damaged, or dying trees, it’s important that it be tended to before selling. In doing so, you can not only  boost the property value, but you can make the exterior more visually appealing to buyers as well. That said, here are some of the most common tree issues you may encounter, and how to go about dealing with them. 

Identifying the issue

Whether you’re a realtor or simply planning to sell your own home, doing regular inspections on the property’s trees can help ensure that you catch any issues before they become detrimental. However, in any regard, identifying the issue is the first step when dealing with any potentially problematic signs. For instance, you may notice things that are out of the ordinary — like dying tree limbs, an excessive amount of insects infiltrating the tree, or new growth (like mushrooms) around the tree, or even damaged trees — all of which can be cause for concern.

The causes of troubled trees

After identifying the signs and symptoms of any troubled trees on the property, it’s important to realize the underlying cause of the issue at hand, and the effects that it can have on the tree itself. For example, an excessive amount of insects around or on the tree could indicate an infestation, of which can be dangerous as it could actually cut off the food supply from the tree. On the other hand, mushrooms growing around the tree could indicate that the tree is already dead (or dying), while a damaged tree could indicate that a deer or other animal is eating it, or that it was accidentally damaged by a lawn mower. With that in mind, it’s important to realize when it’s time to call a professional to step in, as well as what you can do to prevent such issues from happening to other trees.

When to involve a professional

When you have troubled trees on a property with issues such as an insect infestation or even a tree that’s dying or already dead, calling someone with some expertise in the area can be a step in the right direction when it comes to getting a proper diagnosis as to what’s going on, as well as finding out what the next steps are for fixing the issue. For example, trees that are already dead should be removed from the property as they could drop branches without warning (which can cause bodily injury or even damage to power lines) whereas an insect infestation may likely need to be treated right away in order to save the tree.  

It’s important to keep in mind that there are several things you can do in order to maintain other trees on the property in order to prevent the preventable — especially if there are young trees present. For instance, ensuring that the trees are receiving enough nutrients, and are insect free can help. Similarly, if deer or other animals are eating away at the tree, putting up decorative barriers can help, and can also prevent mechanical damage that can occur when doing yard work.

Getting a property ready to sell can be hard work when it comes to the exterior, and particularly so when troubled trees are involved. That said, it’s important to identify the problem and to get a professional involved in order to take care of the issue as soon as possible — as well as to properly maintain other trees on the property.


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