Why You Need A Realtor When Buying or Selling Homes in 2020



Why You Need A Realtor When Buying or Selling Homes in 2020

This age-old question has been answered by many different sources over the years. But with an ever-changing housing landscape, and fluctuating Real Estate market, it’s never been more important to use a Realtor, when buying or selling a home. Understanding what a Realtor does, that will benefit you, is key to determining which Real Estate agent to choose.

What Realtors Do?

If you have ever bought or sold Real Estate, then you have probably used a licensed Real Estate agent during the process. An agent’s responsibilities to their clients are monumental, because so much is riding on a successful transaction.

First, a Real Estate agent must be licensed by their state to act on behalf of their clients throughout the Real Estate process. This means in part; agents must be versed on local Real Estate laws and regulations.

Second, Real Estate agents are expected to have a general knowledge of their local housing market. Plus, be fluent in the process of contracts, addendums, and closings.

However, the most important thing that buyers and sellers rely on is a Realtors guidance in market values, finding the best homes and neighborhoods, understanding school districts, and more.

How A Real Estate Agent Can Sell Your House for More?

If you are considering selling your home, no matter where its located, a Real Estate agent can possibly get you more money. Its true, you can do massive amounts of market research to see what homes are selling for on Zillow, or other popular websites. You can offer your property for sale by owner too. But there is no replacing the experience and contacts, that top Realtors have available to them.  Many agents have been buying and selling Real Estate for decades and have large teams of agents around them. Most top Real Estate agents have transaction coordinators who help them work through unforeseen issues, that could jeopardize your closing, if not handled quickly, and efficiently.

Moreover, having an experienced agent can help you properly price your home for sale. They can manage your expectations about how long it could take to sell at different market prices. Most people want to sell their property fast, and for the highest price possible. An agent can give you real world data comprised from local closings, based on your home’s specifications.

The best Real Estate agents will actively market their listings to local newspapers, mailers, and their professional sphere of influence. The more activity they create around your property the faster offers will come in and your home will get sold.

A Realtor will handle all the interested buyers, to ensure they qualify to buy, and can close. This will help weed out tire kickers, and those who can’t buy in the first place.

Moreover, a Real Estate agent will help with negotiations to help get the buyers and sellers to agreement. This process can often time be difficult, and some people can get offended easily by low ball offers, or buyers asking for large seller concessions.

An agent acts like a buffer between the two parties, and has the best interest of the deal, your deal, at heart.

Should I Use A Buyers Agent?

Realtors don’t just help you sell homes, in fact, a large responsibility for many agents is helping buyers find, and close on homes for themselves, and their families. There are many moving parts that can impact where you buy a home, and for what price. Plus, there are typically no fees or, commissions, for buyers’ agents, but this can differ amongst agents.

An experience buyers agent will know the best communities to fit your needs, and where you should look at homes for sale to fit your budget.

Not to mention a buyer’s agent should have your best interests in mind. They should show you the best properties, inform you about important things like, schools, shopping, community centers, hospital locations, and entertainment options nearby.

After finding the perfect property, a buyer’s agent will help negotiate the best deal to fit your requirements and purchasing options. 

Buyers Agents Should:

        ·        Find the best homes to look at

        ·        Negotiate the best deal possible

        ·        Coordinate the transaction

        ·        Keep you informed and empowered throughout the process

        ·        Help facilitate the title company for closing

Having the right buyer’s agent representing you while purchasing a home can save you time and money.

Conclusion & Recap

There are many ways that homes get sold across the country these days. Many people are experienced themselves or have experienced Real Estate agents who help them.

Either way, the advice and guidance from a local Realtor can drastically change the dynamic of your listing, and the exposure to buyers, that can afford, and want to buy homes like yours.

In the same spirit, homebuyers can benefit from a Realtors knowledge of the local housing market and expertise in negotiations and sealing the best all-around deal.

You wouldn’t fix a broken bone yourself or fix your car’s engine. These types of jobs require a specialized set of skills, to ensure they are properly done.

The same should go for anyone buying or selling Real Estate.

In the end, buyers and sellers want the same thing, just on different sides. A Realtor can help you navigate the uncharted waters to a successful closing for both.

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