Why limestone blocks are better than concrete blocks


When it comes to using blocks in construction, concrete blocks are one of the most common choices. However, with the increase in the trend of using Limestone blocks, it seems that using them over concrete blocks could turn out to be better for the long term. There are many reasons due to which the use of Limestone blocks is recommended. It’s not only the strength and durability it provides but also the versatility with which it can be used. Be it walls, floor or boundaries, etc, limestone blocks can be used anywhere you like. Let’s have a look at why one should use Limestone blocks over concrete blocks.


Longer Life

Limestone is definitely a much better option if you are looking for longer life after the construction is over. Some of the most popular buildings in the world are made using the Limestone blocks and they are still standing even after thousands of years. The naturally constructed limestone blocks are stronger and can easily be cut into the shapes of blocks of any size. Limestone is naturally strong and does not deteriorate with age as compared to concrete bricks. Therefore, the life of limestone blocks is much more.

The tone and structure looks better

As time passes, construction done using the concrete blocks starts to wither away slowly due to rain and other environmental and non-environmental conditions. Also, it starts to look paler and much uglier with time. Also, it reveals a rough, chunky surface that loses its original engineered color and texture. However, when it comes to Limestone block, these are natural stones that remain almost the same with time and holds its natural structure. Natural stone blocks like Limestone will retain not only the structure but also the color, making it looks the same over time.


Easier to mold into any shape

It is one of the biggest factors due to which Limestone blocks are very popular for construction. If you look at the ancient buildings and monuments, Limestones have been cut and carved into various shapes and designs, while still holding the integrity of the stone. The same is not the case with concrete blocks. They are not easy to carve as is the Limestone blocks. Limestone block can easily take any kind of shape that is required to be used in the construction. Be it walls, floors, or stairs, the limestone blocks will have the same strength in them, be it any shape. Therefore, you can use it for walls or construction and also make exceptional art pieces for your home.


Great for both Indoors and outdoors at affordable cost.

When you compare Limestone blocks to concrete blocks, it is much cheaper and affordable by all means. The cost is not only less at the time of purchasing the raw material for construction, but also in long term maintenance. Limestone needs much lesser maintenance and care. Another great advantage of Limestone is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use it for indoor walls and specifical architectural design, and also use it outdoors for pavement, floors, stairs, and a lot more. Limestone provides the convenience of using the raw material in more ways than possible. Also, since it keeps the inner temperature of the house or office cooler than the outer temperature, it is great to be used on walls.


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