Where to Use Marble in Your Home to Improve Its Value


Where to Use Marble in Your Home to Improve Its Value


Marble is a beautiful stone that has been used to build homes for thousands of years. The natural stone is known for its longevity and will last a lifetime if properly maintained. Marble is a great option for those looking to improve the value of their home. While marble naturally makes a perfect option for countertops, there are several different ways you can incorporate marble in your home.



Marble is traditionally used as countertops inside homes and businesses. The natural stone is a perfect option for kitchens. The stone holds up well to everyday wear-and-tear. It naturally stays cool, which makes it a perfect option for those who love to bake and knead pastries in the kitchen.

It is also a perfect option for the bathroom. Marble is easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe down the counters with warm water and soap.

The natural stone is known for its iconic white and grey marbling. You can also find marble in rarer shades of black, green, or brown. You can personalize your marble countertops by hiring a designer to carve designs or patterns into the marble itself.

Marble countertops will quickly boost the value of your home. But it is important to schedule regular maintenance for your stones. Make sure to have them properly sealed every few years to prevent chips, scratches, and stains. The average cost of marble falls around $60 per square foot, and Marble.com has a great guide on marble countertop costs. However, this can change depending on what type of marble you select and how much you purchase. Pricing usually range between $40 to $100 per square foot.


Kitchen Hood

We arent leaving the kitchen just yet. If you arent looking to upgrade your countertops, you can add a marble kitchen hood to your stove. A kitchen hood holds a fan that circulates air while you cook. It also removes airborne grease and other types of particles out of the air. Its a necessity in your kitchen that can be dressed up and double as a kitchen ornament. You can find covers that feature marble or you can replace the hood itself with one made out of the natural stone.



Fireplaces add a touch of warmth to any room in your home. However, traditional brick fireplaces can clash with your interior design. A marble fireplace can bring elegance to your living room, bedroom, or study. You can work with a designer or contractor to add carvings or designs to your marble fireplace. It is a simple way to add personalization to your marble fireplace. Marble holds up to heat very well and is a perfect material to use in a fireplace.



Marble flooring can be used anywhere in the home but it can be exceptionally beautiful in the bathroom. You can find different shades and shapes of tile to use with your flooring. Marble is a naturally cold stone so you might want to consider adding electric heating panels underneath the marble itself. Walking barefoot across a cold floor in winter is not pleasant!

Because marble is porous, youll want to make sure it is properly sealed no matter where it is placed. This will help prevent water stains. You can also choose marble with more of a matte finish to avoid slippery floors without adding additional rugs in the bathroom.



Not sold on marble flooring? How about a marble shower? Marble tiles can be cut and layered over a shower or bathtub stall. You will need to seal the marble shower often to avoid water stains on the natural stone.



This is an option for those who are serious about luxury. A marble staircase is not only reserved for royalty and celebrities. Adding a marble staircase to your home creates a statement the moment a guest walks in the front door.

Marble staircases comes in all shapes and sizes. A professional will be able to tell you how much marble is needed to cover your existing staircase. Renovating your staircase will marble will add incredible value to your home.



You dont have to keep marble inside your home. You can use marble columns outside your home as well. Marble can be placed in the garden or even wrapped around existing columns that support your home. A brushed finish should be used in marble that appears outside and will weather the elements. It will offer a natural look instead of a polished one.

Marble tiles can also be used as an outdoor walkway between your home and a garden or other outdoor area. It is an elegant way to shuffle guests around your home. You can also consider adding a marble fountain to your home garden. It is a statement piece that will add a finishing touch to your sprawling home.

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