What’s Going On in Greenville, SC Real Estate?

South Carolina is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing states in the southeastern United States. The reasons cited most often include easy access to services, high-quality public schools, safe neighborhoods, and affordable cost of living.

Of course, South Carolina is a big place. You may be asking yourself, “that sounds nice and everything, but where exactly are people going?” That’s a great question. While previously, the major urban centers of Charlotte and Charleston were major attractions for the average person, the increasingly unaffordable nature of the city and the urban bloat are causing headaches for the average resident. Medium-sized cities that offer similar job versatility as any large urban center, with only a fraction of the housing costs, are now attracting many new residents to South Carolina.

One of these cities, in particular, is none other than Greenville. The seat of the ten-country area in the northwestern region of the state known as “The Upstate,” Homebuyers based in Greenville are being treated to some of the most attractive real estate & housing markets in the entire USA.

Greenville has a population of approximately 68000 thousand residents and is around 100 miles away from the capital city of Columbia. The city of Greenville has historical ties to the Cherokee clan dating back past the early days of colonization. Originally named Pleasantburg, it’s the largest city in Greenville County. Two theories of the naming origins are commonly shared: either the area was named for the abundance of green landscapes in the area, or to honor a revolutionary war general with the surname Greene. Over time, the small plantation town of Pleasantburg grew as a summer resort destination and eventually became incorporation as Greenville.

In modern times, Greenville has received accolades from the likes of CNN Money and Bloomberg for being one of the top 10 growing cities in the U.S. and having the third strongest job market in 2010, respectively. If you prefer stats from a more impartial source, the U.S. Census Bureau named it the fourth fastest-growing city during the period between 2015 and 2016.

While all of that is fine and dandy, what about actually being there, boots on the ground? Well, Greenville has a stellar downtown core lined with restaurants, nightclubs, museums, and just about any kind of major entertainment complex common in larger cities. Patio dining is commonplace, and the mouth of any foodie will water in excitement at the sheer variety of dinner options. The downtown is very historic and reflects its early American settler roots.

As an economic powerhouse, there are few industries where gainful employment can’t be obtained in Greenville. The excellent public schooling system, and the low tax rates have attracted the likes of Fortune 500 companies who wish to have a Southern base of operations for their work. The low costs of housing make it easy to stay and work in Greenville. Additionally, the best part is there’s still room for enormous growth in the region.

All of these reasons and more are why thousands of people are flocking to Greenville – to make a place they can call home.

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